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Editing Robe enchantments, so perks and enchanting lvl affects the magicka regen


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Any idea of how I should try this? Or would just increasing the static base from 10 to 50 be a better, simpler option. With extra effect 50 would give 100 regen or if you have mods that let you add a 3rd or more extra enchantments per piece it could go up to 250 with all 5 enchants being used once. But on the other hand it could bring your clothing of choice to be on par with or just slightly better than adept robes with just the one extra effect, slightly worse than Archmage with 3 effects, (which I use a mod that lets me add a second perk to extra effect for 3 enchantments on one item) and more than that your game would be unbalanced anyhow.


Any thoughts on which would seem to be the better solution?

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you don't need mods for this. You can do it all in the console.


Find the unenchanted version of the item - help  "robe name"

Set your enchanting to whatever you want the strength of the effect to be - player.setav enchanting 50/100/250 whatever you want

Create and enchant a new item - playerenchantobject RobeID ench1ID ench2ID


eg to make a ragged robes with 100 magic regen and 100 magic resistance you would type


player.setav enchanting 100

playerenchantobject 13105 109630 109637


and OP ragged robes will appear in your inventory


This page has all the enchant codes available in game you can choose from.


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I'm aware of console but with the enchantments you get from robes to place on other armor has a static 10% that doesn't level with your enchanting or with the quality of soul gem. So as where the destruction cost would go from 1% with a petty gem up to 25% with all vanilla perks, 100 in enchanting, and a grand soul gem. The 10% magic regen would stay 10% regardless of other options. The exception is the magicka regen that comes separately from the school of magic cost decreases. I'm trying to find a simple solution to making those combo enchants better without making them overly op without resorting to console. That feels kinda cheaty to me, and I prefer to keep my game in a state where I only use console to unstuck myself from places I should of never been stuck in to begin with.

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