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Lot of ctd for a while,...

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Recently I've started to play Skyrim again, but have a lot of cdt's and (more annoying) freezes. Usually a couple of crashes in half an hour.


Although I have to test more, I think that the mod "Devious Cursed Loot" is involved. I have switched it off and have not yet experienced a crash. But I should probably test (as in play) a bit more to be certain. The Papyrus log sometimes showed "[DCUR] Periodical update starts" as last entry. I think that either the script load is high, or there might be a conflict somewhere. That I've also seen a "Zad update" as last entry a few times, is the reason I think it might be the heavy script load.


Does anyone have any suggestions? Or does anyone knows if there is an error in my loading order? Or if there are mods in this list that are also script heavy?

Know that I've only recently added MiniNeeds. But the trouble was before I've added that mod.



"Unmanaged: Bashed Patch, 0","",""
"Unmanaged: Dragonborn","",""
"Unmanaged: HearthFires","",""
"Unmanaged: Dawnguard","",""
"Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack01","",""
"Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack02","",""
"Unmanaged: HighResTexturePack03","",""
"Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch","","Unofficial Skyrim Legendary Edition Patch-71214-3-0-3.7z"
"SKSE 1.07.03","d2016.5.19","D:/Skyrim/skse_1_07_03.7z"
"UIExtensions","","UIExtensions v1-2-0-57046-1-2-0.7z"
"Fuz Ro Doh","d2016.5.21","D:/Skyrim/Fuz Ro Doh 60-14884-6-0.zip"
"Load Game CTD Fix","","Load Game CTD Fix-85443-1.zip"
"Pure Waters","","1_Pure Waters Legendary 5.0-1111-5-0.rar"
"Grass Field","","Grass Field 2dot0-50875-2-0.7z"
"Climates Of Tamriel-V","","Climates Of Tamriel-17802-v5-0.zip"
"Footprints","f1.00","Footprints v1_00 - Legendary-22745-1-00.7z"
"More Village Animals","","More Village Animals-8565-2-1.rar"
"Enhanced Lights and FX","","Enhanced Lights and FX-27043-3-01.7z"
"Dolmen Ruins - ESO Dark Anchors","","Dolmen Ruins-79508-1-0-1.7z"
"Immersive Fallen Trees Mod","","ImmersiveFallenTreesMod-v1-6SmallFix-55699-v1-6.rar"
"Invested Magic","","Invested Magic 2_3-11397-2-3.rar"
"Extra Pockets Perk Enhancement","","Extra Pockets Perk Enhancement - Carry Weight 100-200-300 - Skill Levels 50-60-70-79453-1-0.zip"
"Souls to Perks","","Ishs Souls to Perks-18395-1-1.zip"
"Armor Perk Helmet Remover","","Armor perk Helmet Remover-12580-1-5.rar"
"Enchanting Extra Effect","","Superior Extra Effect Perks_SEEPs_v1_Complete-40531-1.7z"
"Power Stones of Skyrim","","Power Stones of Skyrim 1.0 - Nerfed-71700-1-0nerfed.rar"
"Stones of Barenziah Quest Markers","","BarenziahQuestMarkers_v1-3-9385-1-3.rar"
"Run For Your Lives - Dragons","","Run For Your Lives-23906-2-0-6.7z"
"Run For Your Lives - Vampires","","When Vampires Attack-28235-2-0-6.7z"
"Bells of Skyrim","","Bells of Skyrim-84740-1-0-3.zip"
"Revenge Of the Enemies 2016","f2.01","Revenge of Enemies 2016-40491-2-01.rar"
"Quick Start - Skip The Opening Sequence","","Quick Start - Skip The Opening Sequence v2_0-3325-2-0.zip"
"Immersive Potions","","Immersive Potions for all DLC's-30073-.rar"
"Learn Alchemy From Recipes","","Learn Alchemy From Recipes-34795-1-0.7z"
"Auto Unequip Ammo","","Auto Unequip Ammo v5_0-10753-5-0.zip"
"Left Hand Rings","","LeftHandRings v1_5-21720-1-5.7z"
"Improved Craftable Circlets","","Craftable Circlets-80680-1-0.zip"
"Female Mannequins","","Female Mannequins-9131-1-0.7z"
"Female Mannequins in homes","","Female Mannequins in Homes-9131.7z"
"Thieves Guild Redone","","Thieves Guild Redone-48473-1-2.7z"
"Wayshrines of Skyrim","","Wayshrines of Tamriel-27572-2-1-1.7z"
"Wayshrines of Solstheim","","Wayshrines of Tamriel Solstheim Patch-27572-2-1-1.7z"
"Spice Of Life - Fences","","Spice of Life - Fences (TCT)-83968-1-0-7.7z"
"Spice Of Life - Barrels","","Spice of Life - Barrels (TCT)-83968-1-0-55.7z"
"Whiterun Mansion","","Whiterun Mansion 3-37121-3-31.7z"
"ShowRaceMenu Precache Killer","","ShowRaceMenu PreCacheKiller 1_3-33526-1-3.7z"
"Apachii Sky Hair Full","","ApachiiSkyHair_v_1_6_Full-10168-1-6-Full.7z"
"Apachii Sky Hair Female","","ApachiiSkyHairFemale_v_1_5-10168-1-5.7z"
"Apachii Sky Hair Male","","ApachiiSkyHairMale_v_1_2-10168-1-2.7z"
"The Eyes Of Beauty","","The Eyes Of Beauty 9-13722-9-0.rar"
"Calientes Beautiful Bodies Edition - CBBE","","Caliente's Beautiful Bodies Edition v3.4f-2666-3-4f.7z"
"BodySlide and Outfit Studio","","BodySlide and Outfit Studio - v3.6-49015-3-6.7z"
"Inconsequential NPCs","","Inconsequential NPCs 1 dot 9e-36334-1-9e.rar"
"Diverse Guards Skyrim","","Diverse Guards Skyrim 49c Dawnguard-8943-4-9c.7z"
"Immersive Wenches","","Immersive Wenches 1.5.1 -Apachii Hairs Version--51189-1-5-1.7z"
"Deadly Wenches","","Deadly Wenches 1.2.2--60625-1-2-2.7z"
"Inhabitants of Skyrim - NPC Overhaul","","NPC Overhaul - Version 1-23755-1-5b.7z"
"HDT Physics Extensions","","HDT Physics Extensions-53996-14-28.7z"
"RaceMenu","","RaceMenu v3-4-5-29624-3-4-5.7z"
"FNIS - Behaviour","","FNIS Behavior V7_0-11811-7-0.7z"
"FNIS - Creature pack","","FNIS Creature Pack 6_1-11811-6-1.7z"
"FNIS - Spells","","FNIS Spells V5_0_1 -- ADD-ON for the spells -11811-5-0-1.7z"
"FNIS Overwrite","",""
"Realistic Ragdolls and Force","","Realistic Force-601-1-9.rar"
"XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended","","XP32 Maximum Skeleton Extended-68000-3-94.7z"
"Caliente's Vanilla Outfits for CBBE","","Caliente's Vanilla Outfits - v2.1.1-12273-2-1-1.7z"
"ZazAnimationPack","d2018.1.13","D:/Skyrim/Zaz Animation Pack CBBE V.8.0.[2017.11.19].7z"
"Heretical Resources v1.51","d2017.10.7","D:/Skyrim/Heretical Resources BB CBBE.rar"
"Devious Devices Assets","","D:/Skyrim/DDa-Development.zip"
"Devious Devices Integration - MaikCG","","D:/Skyrim/DeviousDevices-Integration4.0.zip"
"Devious Devices Expansion","","D:/Skyrim/DDx-4.0.zip"
"Devious Cursed Loot v6.3"
"MiniNeeds 2.7","d2018.1.28","D:/Skyrim/MiniNeeds V2.7z"
"Devilmaid by Neo","f1.00","Devilmaid by Neo - CBBE TBBP-42736-1-00.7z"
"Nightshade Bodysuit","","C:/Users/Incomudro/Downloads/Nightshade Bodysuit FOMOD-72772-1-2.rar"
"Female Facial Animation","","Female Facial Animation 1_5-35303-1-5.7z"
"Sound Hammering Sounds","","Sound Hammering Sounds-80655-1-0.rar"
"HDT HighHeels System","beta0.5","hdtHighHeel_beta0_5-36213-beta0-5.7z"
"SkyDream Maidens","","SkyDream Maidens - CBBE BBP and 7Base UNP Bombshell BBP-48957-3-10.7z"
"SKY Standalone Followers","","SKY Standalone Followers CBBE BBP-TPPB option-57159-.rar"
"SKY Standalone Girls","","SKY Standalone Girls CBBE BBP-TBBP Option-60916-.rar"
"SkyDream Riftens Kittens","f1.03","SkyDream Riften's Kittens - CBBE BBP and 7Base Bombshell BBP-65061-1-03.7z"
"Mage Robes - Short Version","","Mage Robes HDT-81071-1-0.7z"
"Skimpy Assassin Outfit (SAO)","","Skimpy Assassin Outfit - CBBE BodySlide HDT-66790-1-5.7z"
"Archmage Robe Replacer - Nocturnal Robe For CBBE V3 Curvy","","Archmage Robe Replacer - Nocturnal Robe For CBBE V3 Curvy-79541-1-0.7z"
"Bodyslide Overwrite","",""



As to my laptop:


GeForce GTX 950M with 4GB ram
SSD disk
i7 processor
16 GB ram

(playing games/Skyrim was not the main reason for the configuration of this laptop)



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