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  1. Suggestion: House of leisure Short description: You can ask to let your home turn into a "house of leisure". This of course means receiving customers for sexual services. The mechanics: Over time, up to five NPC's will enter your home (or just three). They won't say anything and only follow you inside your own home. Basically, these are customers and if you want to get them out, you will have to serve them. This should not hinder the game play, although it might be annoying to enter your home and see five NPC's waiting for you and following you. But that it might
  2. Been a while since I tried this mod (or have played Skyrim)... guess I will have another walk in Tamriel soon, just have to try all the new quests! (as soon as I am able to make both human and creature animations work at the same time). Anyway, I do have a suggestion regarding how the dragonborn could be subjected to Serpent, something that might work next to the same existing quest line... The hex When Serpent meets you, he will place a hex on you. This curse will render the dragonborn completely harmless. However, the hex will (temporary) shut down whenever the dragonborn ha
  3. Goal: Forcing the dragonborn to make sure she has a male follower, as otherwise she won't be able to go out adventuring. How: Introducing a curse called 'hysteria'. The effects are simple, when the dragonborn does not have a male companion, she will be hit by hysteria hard, and as a result, experience a lot of debuffs. A previous idea involved forcing the dragonborn into the role of a (very effective) support/healer while women in general and the dragonborn specifically, are a lot weaker than men. Still like the idea, but a curse like 'hysteria'
  4. Ahhh,... I wonder what the new upload was for. Recently started playing Skyrim again, this time the SE version. This mod gives a much needed difference between rape and 'mundane' sex, thus I am grateful for your work and the work of Guffel.
  5. Just started testing this mod (in Special Edition, using the converted version). When using Cursed Loot, you can configure chances of getting raped (depending of day/night, clothes, helplessness etc). Now these rape events are something to actively avoid and give a much needed difference between rape and 'mundane' sex. One request,.. can you remove the loosing of trauma just by waiting? To me that feels to cheating the debuffs away (unless in the LE version, this has already been the case). Anyway, thank you for this mod and its usefulness to add another element to pl
  6. I can verify this. I've actually installed papyrus twice in mod-manager (once on top, and once after SexLab). Not sure if I'll run into issues (and when I run into issues, if this is the cause), but for now I am able to run everything a lot more smoothly than how smoothly my character currently runs through Skyrim.
  7. Well, my hopes aren't very high. It was a bit more about putting the idea out as something nice to think about. I do like your suggestions,.. I will check those mods out (when I can as I can perfectly work from home). Perhaps something small, like slightly more expensive mercenaries, and limited time that a mercenary stay with the Dragonborn, might be good enough combined with the mods you described... and perhaps a small tweak thus prostitution is almost inevitable to be able to afford them... than it could suddenly be something doable to build...
  8. In essence this will be an overhaul with regards to how the game is played. Instead of being an independent warrior, the female Dragonborn now has to rely on male mercenaries and (at best) act as a humble support character. Summary: The (female) player will be made very weak (something like only being able to do 10% of all kinds). However, male mercenaries will get a tremendous boost (something like 200% or 300%). Optional, female mercenaries can be weakened as well to do onl
  9. Is it possible to turn the dog into an animal-follower? I had to abandon my regular follower to add him. But according to Skyrim lore it is possible to have an human(ish) follower and an animal follower. And what is better than one follower troubling the Dragonborn?... two followers troubling the Dragonborn As to obtaining the dog, I've been thinking about an alternative slightly more subtle way to buy the dog from the owner. Now it feels like the owner saying "I promise you won't become the dog's bitch", followed by becoming the dog's bitch. Instead, only part of the informati
  10. Just a first part of the dialogues for the "Priestess of Dibella" follower that I mention. The main reason to post this, is to let you know and see that I am working on it, although progress might be considered slow (especially slow compared to the speed at which you turn ideas into devious followers). I am still thinking about the negative reputation the Dragonborn could get from women when sleeping with their men. As in, what would be a good mechanism that still allows a proper play-through. PriestessOfDibella - Dialoguess.txt
  11. As to the debuffs,.. not being able to sprint after a week and not being able to run after two weeks, given that multiple people do not like it, a health/stamina/magicka/skill debuff might be wiser. Although I have another idea... To make the 'debuff' unique,.. what about a moan sound from the Dragonborn with a message that goes something like "You feel a burst of energy pointed at your private parts while the marks give a faint glow.". A secondary effect could be a short period that the Dragonborn either is paralyzed (like three seconds) or starts a short 'rubbing/masturbation' an
  12. Literature file: It now contains two more volumes of "The Lusty Dragonborn" while the two earlier volumes have been tinkered a bit. This file contains no spoiler and can be read as adult fan fiction. Feel free to add comments. It was written with a specific quest-line in mind, but does not necessary rely on it (and can be used for other purposes if desired). It will however be incompatible with the real dragonborn quest-line as it expect the (true) dragonborn to be female. Overview file: Added a version 4 of the Priestess of Dibella quest (including a
  13. thumbs up!!! I have an idea and found a problem that might need to be addressed one way or the other... Idea: When the real dragonborn is the follower, and the heroine will starts talking with a NPC that has a neutral or positive disposition; 70% or 80% of the time the real dragonborn will force the heroine to start the conversation with "I have a confession to make". Might be annoying in the beginning, but over time more and more people will dislike the heroine and starting a conversation will become easier,... Additional note, as the disposition is negative, there
  14. While walking around naked due to the slave collar, I thought of a nice addition. Lowering the disposition of female NPC's towards the (female) Dragonborn by something between 1 and 3 points. This gives an additional downside to walking around naked, but not a heavy one. Yet it will be constant and you can hear it as well. This could be placed in a a separate mod, but to the best of my knowledge such a mod does not exists. If it does, can someone point me to it?
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