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Sensible, deep child npcs

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Does skyrim, modded or otherwise, have any reasonably deep characters who are children or young teens?  As far as I know, the answer is no.  But in real life and presumably tamriel, a child can be something other than a high-pitched brat, a possibly illegal loli mod, or hi/bye, or someone to rescue, adopt and forget, or a mindless essential unkillable god.   They can, in theory, gasp, be real people.  I know I was a real person, as a kid, at least.  :smile:  Anyone know of anything like that?  A non-sexual New Vegas Willow-kid variant would have been a great example, I think.  

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To add on some thoughts:  I think as many others do that hearthfire was lots of missed opportunities.
Spouses have been fleshed out by mods and new, deeper marriable npcs (Like her or not, Vilja for instance at least doesn't just marry a random stranger just because s/he's wearing an amulet.)
The homesteads have been expanded by mods as well, and can be much larger and more customized.
But as far as I can tell, kids are just a thing that sits at home and all say the same thing.  Mods haven't touched children yet.  Most Skyrim players probably are feeling more violent than parental, but stil, that's the third pillar of Hearthstone that is lacking.  A "real" fleshed-out child npc personality/story.  I mean, as far as I know.

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Hmm, I thought that was just one of many face overhauls like rschildren -- there are so many visuals for children, nothing for an individual personality.  Adult npcs, there's countless voiced, well-written individuals.  



Edit:  Another thought, if anyone is still looking at this:

. Are there any custom npcs with personalities, downloadable online that have a personality suitable for a youth?  Setrace can do wonders, I suspect.  For instance, Sofia has a LOTS of personality, but is constantly saying things that kids shouldn't be saying, so that's out, as are others that are clearly meant to be marriageable; I'm not looking for creepy kid mods.  
A full family of well-developed personalities is one thing I haven't done in skyrim yet.  

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