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A blind play-through?

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Some old topics around the 'net on the subject but I don't think anything ever came of it:
The idea of a blind character, for someone who has "done it all."  Backed up, probably, by a large number of various detection spells (detect life, for instance, would not be affected by the blindness but instead work normally.)  Other ideas were that anything within a few feet of the character would be visible to represent touch, as well as anything making noise/moving around.  I have no idea how to implement this in full, but if it could be done, I'd try it as a new extra-challenging play through, for sure.  

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Well, one more thought, and some more concrete questions if that will help:  people with more experience on the blindfolds found on this site -- do they dim detection spells as well as normal sight?  I haven't gotten my LL stuff working well enough yet to really get into it. 

Is it even possible to dynamically change the view distance?  

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You can change the view distance dynamically, that is how the fog blindfold works. Generally the blindfolds use different Imagespace Modifiers to either block vision completely (used in the mode where first person is blinded but third person isn't but movement is locked), vision is dimmed (Leeches mode blindfold) and fog mode (adjusts via Depth of Field or its equivalent).


There is a mod I occasionally use in FO4 where the player is nearsighted and must wear glasses, no glasses then you get blurred vision. Unfortunately glasses don't work with power armor though there may be a mod that would allow it. The blur is fairly heavy so long distance combat without glasses is only possible using VATS.


There is a game called Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice where some sections it is dark and can't see much of anything other than an occasional blurry glimpse of parts of the world. You don't have to fight in these parts (you don't have your sword) but there are creatures in the dark that you have to avoid and can only catch glimpses of.

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So is there an already existing image modifier that would block normal vision but not magical detections?  
And, to be able to make out something like a wall right next to the character but not distant things... maybe some kind of blur. 

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