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[REQUEST] More furniture/whipping sex animations

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Animations involving bondage furnitures are still fairly uncommon. Funnybizness, Kurg4n, and various others (sorry, not trying to slight anyone, just can't remember off the top of my head) have contributed some excellent ones. I still install FB's stuff, despite the tremendous FNIS overhead in animations I don't use, because of X-Cross Rape, Stockade Rape, and the torture rack stuff. There's that amazing pole series in SAP, and some bondage post stuff that's really good, along with the various pillory animations, but...


We need more! Well, I'd like more, anyway.


Specifically, there's plenty of mileage left in the most basic of bondage furnitures, as well as all the "new" ones introduced by mods like xHangingChandelier and others. I'd really love to see some that use the excellent stuff in I'll Take The Display Model II, although I understand the implementation of that might be difficult.


Additionally, there isn't nearly enough (IMO) opportunity to mix sex and torture in the game. There are a few animations here and there, but again, MORE... Specifically, I'd love to see an animation that incorporated whipping (whether in a furniture or not) and sex. I realize that whipping is usually carried out via attack animations and therefore "real" whipping may not be doable in a sex animation, but could one not simply animate the whipping portion as a regular, non-attack animation?


Anyway, thanks and kudos to all the wonderful modders who continue to produce outstanding content for this game.

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One major problem is that there is no common sense for sexlab tagging - every animator or SLAL integrator builds up an own list of tags. It sounds so simple but this is really a barrier for modders - they can only rely on distinct animations.


Another barrier is the lack of documentation for complex aspects of Sexlab - it takes tremendous amount of time to get deep enough into those aspects to be able to drive Sexlab parallel and synchronized with other activities like whipping.


And last but not least: Whipping is currently implemented as an attack animation - a modder has only very limited control over this kind of animation - especially if you want to control the punishers position you run very fast into CTD situations.

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