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Black Textures

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Lately I've been having a problem with my Skyrim where black textures will randomly appear over random objects. I went through and deleted my entire Skyrim folder (23,739 files in total) and reinstalled the game and added back the mods I feel are necessary to play with (I went from 174 to 124 mods.) The problem is that even after doing a clean re-installment of Skyrim itself and every mod in my load order, I still get this black texture issue. I read somewhere that this usually has to do with a memory issue, but my computer has about 1TB of memory built into it, and I'm nowhere close to using up that memory.


The biggest texture mods I have is the NobleSkyrim mod (performance edition), and the Amidianborn Armors and Weapons, but this has never given me problems before. I recently started using Fair Skin Complexion, but the black textures usually only occur on objects, not people. I even downgraded certain mods like SFO.


If anyone has any ideas I'd be grateful, I love this game but because of these bugs it's almost unplayable. :confused:


I can post my mod list or computer specs if needed.



EDIT: It should be noted that I constantly use LOOT to fix my load order, so it's almost always the way it should be.

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ok black textures appearing randomly is indeed (usually) a memory issue.  to be a little more specific it is a VRAM (video ram) issue.

if i remember correctly (and yes i have had it happen to me) it has to do with your VRAM getting overloaded (even very high end graphics

cards can get a localized overload - ie a overload in a very small area due to to much trying to be loaded at one time).

if you can quit the game (sometimes just to main menu is enough, if not try all the way to desktop) and when you load a save that had the

"black textures" problem and it is gone after the reload this is most likely what is happening to you.


if this is what is happening to you it usually happens when your system tries to load to many higher resolution graphics at one time.

(i have ran across an armor mod that when the full suit was worn it was 18 pieces all by itself .. so just think if you use 4k textures 

that one armor set is 4k texture times 18 pieces and that is just on the pc, and that does not even count the pc him/herself)

another example is if you use 4k textures a lot do the following math pc (skin, eyes, makeup, hair, freckles, 2 tattoos is 7x4K = 28K textures before armor)

add a armor set of 8 pieces (some armor sets have more pieces or you could be in standard 4 piece set and 4 devious devices) which would now

equal a total of 60k textures just on the pc.  at a rate like that it can overload any graphics card if you are in a texture rich area (ie lots of NPCs or

other stuff that has been replaced with high res versions).


if this is your issue using a good ENB or just ENBoost can help with it, and also possible is some .ini edits (which ones can help will depend

on your specific system and OS (mac or windows and which specific version of it you use).


another possible way to help if this is the issue is the Ordenador utility (https://www.nexusmods.com/skyrim/mods/12801/) which can reduce texture sizes.


hope this information is helpful.



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It is thank you, I'll try the Optimizer Textures. None of the mods I use are 4k, I always use 2k or lesser resolutions than that. Last time I saw the black textures appearing, it was inside a shop, and the walls, floor, counters, and pelts were covered in black textures. I had no mods overhauling the shop specifically, other than NobleSkyrim and Peltapalooza. Is there a way to find out which mods are eating up most of the vram?


There are only a couple of things I changed in my mod order that I can think would've caused this, which were Fair Skin Complexion and the Enhanced version of ELFX, the only remotely texture related things I could think of.

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