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SUggestions on where to start?

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i'm new to the whole modding thing with skyrim (i fell down a rabbit hole and ended up here... long story)

and have been looking around but have gotten a bit lost with the information overload and was wondering if people could offer a few suggestions on where to start with some basic mods?

i've looked at and installed the sexlab framework but it says in the description "this mod does nothing by itself"  and i've installed the suggested mods under the "suggestions" section for sexlabs (mainly SOS)

but...not really sure what to look for from here?

looking at the  downloads page and lists of mods, there's a lot of different mods for different things, but i don't want something overly game-changing/game-addon (at least not yet) i'm mostly just wanting something to get my feet wet with?

maybe the ability to flirt/have sex with my wife/husband via conversation?  or other suggestions.  :smile:

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