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So with the latest Whicked Update..my Sim "Mandy" (Young Adult) got knocked up by the teenage boy Billy down the street.. Mandy didn't get her order of birth control pills in the mail right away.. She kinda went a bit Busty on the top side when she got pregnant but got back to normal after the birth of twins... So after breastfeeding ..she's back at the Bar drinking her wine and mingling like the socialite she is...Appreciate the new update especially the condom/birth control aspect in the game now .. So anyone had other sims get knocked up this way or similar way?

01-24-18_8-53-29 PM.png

01-22-18_5-35-01 PM.png

01-24-18_9-36-30 PM.png

01-24-18_10-03-41 PM.png

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