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Help Really weird ghosts purple eye shadow in front of me

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1 hour ago, RW311 said:

 It looks like something that uses a slot where 1st person is visible and it's near the camera. Unequip everything from your character see if it goes away.

Nope still there really strange loaded a save and it is not there... really curious to know what it is never heard of anything like it.

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No changes same game been running yeah it is like a first person feature is missing but I run no first person mods. A really strange thing never seen it before never heard of it before been playing the game a few years. I am going to go thru load order I did update LOOT  and ran it maybe a mod is not happy where it is no issues otherwise. Thought I would post it in case anyone ever seen this before. If not will load a save as it is not on any save I have checked them all. 

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