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Wasou for Male Help With Password

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Hello everyone. I apologize for bothering you people with this, and I really hope I am posting in the correct place. If this is wrong, I am very sorry. I am terrible with forums. Okay on to the point.


Could someone help me figure out how to open the file found here? https://agamokwe.blog.fc2.com/blog-entry-132.html


These are beautiful kimonos, but I cannot figure out how to open the zip file. I do not speak Japanese, so I put the site through a translator and it tells me that the password to open the zip file is "The URL of this article". I tried putting that in as the password and it did not work. I tried every combination of the URL I could think of, and nothing worked. I tried running the URL through google translate to put it back in Japanese and that did not work. I tried viewing the source code of the web page in case the URL was trimmed down so I could input the whole thing and that did not work. (Edited to add) I even tried using the URL of the mediafile where the download actually is and that did not work.


Clearly I am doing something wrong and I am frustrated enough that I am actually asking for help in a forum in spite of my extreme social anxiety in talking with strangers. Perhaps this is a translation issue? Does anyone know how to open this file without resorting to downloading sketchy password crackers (which I will refuse to do).


Any help is appreciated. Any response is appreciated even if it is a "sorry lady, you are out of luck." Thank you all very much for your time.

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