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The .ini files are getting bugged out?


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So basically, what I wanted to do is, to fix the shadow thingy because its on 2000 and something, and I changed it to 4089, it worked for most people, but for me it didn't. And whatever I change in my ingame settings,like the difficulity of the game and the dialogue, it doesn't save at all. It says its saving, but as soon I get out of the game, it resets back to old. Any help? Would appriciate a shadow bug and this settings bug solved.


Here is more informations that might help people useful to solve me this:

I have MO (I run it as admin for some reason, dont know why)

I edit the files from My documents/My games/Skyrim, but the thing is, when I delete it, and run skyrim through SKSE on MO, it doesnt create new, but when I run it from the steam, it does create the new .ini files. Also tried editing from MO/profiles/.ini files but it didnt work either..


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