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L4D2 sexy mods


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hello everybudy !


sinze the apparition on steam workshop of the new system for RNG and real dmg mod. i think its time to get serious :smile:


as its now possible to make some really sexy/erotic/nude mods for L4D2 and enjoy the game even moar ..


i hope some good modders around here will be cool and motivated to create some crazy mods.


for who doesnt know, here an shitty-small explication of these both new feature for L4D2 modding :


RNG = that simply allow the game to randomly choose a skin between different skins available. as exempl, you survivor can wear different kind of outfit or color, randomly choosed directly ingame when you finish a level


real dmg = THIS is the most EPIC shit ever created for L4D2 . this system allow you to add damage effect on the survivor outfit. you can go in workshop and check yourself some (also on gamemap website), the Mai Shiranui mod where she get more and more naked when you progress ingame until she finish naked.

you got the thing ? :smile: yup, its similar to the skyrim broked armor or the Dead or Alive broken outfit. putting it in L4D2 make it completly awesome. the more you progress on the game, the more you take damage from zombis, the more your clothes get ripped off and get naked .

i post this here, because i really, freaking really ,would love if someone will do more mods with these. i can imagine all the DoA girls already ported and get them naked off by the zombis.

possibilities are huge.


i very hope someone will read this and maybe get motivated to do this kind of mods ^^

i would love to make these myself, but i m terrible shit with the source engine stuff.


soo if someone is ok, just do it ! ( shia labeouf voice ). this game is still great to enjoy, and even more with these new systems. :smile:

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