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I was looking for a nice armor set that would suit Serana in my rather korean MMO-style modded Skyrim. I found this amazing outfit from Bless that suits well for vampires, but the colors of the bloomers really destroyed it so I had to change it. Also, the shoes are fugly IMO and there where no gloves/bracers so I had to find matching shoes and gloves from other mods. The boots from the Amy Armor mod suits well and I added up the stockings and gloves from the Luxurious Seduction (since the stockings from the Amy Boots clipped horribly). Having some degree of OCD, I went to find a matching head piece to finish off the set. I really had a hard time since a lot of head accessories matched to the outfit, so I just added them all in. I also added crafting and tempering recipes (tempering only for cuirass, skirt, gloves, tailribbon, and boots). I also changed the wig into something that I liked personally. Also removed the HDT heels since I changed the shoes.


Finally, I added a weapon, the Rynotis Scythe from Vindictus, just for bonus.

Everything is standalone. It only needs a skeleton that supports BBP (XP32 or XPMSE). No DLC. No resource packs and so on...


Stats are overpowered (just so Serana actually wears it) and crafting materials are very lazy.

Go on and don the whole set and do Murder Princess stuff.


I'm actually surprised myself that I once got concerned about one of the billion generic impractical female outfit mods for Skyrim. Now getting back to my super-duper rare muscle man stuff...


Feel free to do whatever with it, I don't get too personal and emotional with modding and stuff.

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    XP32 Maximum Skeleton or XPMSE
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On 4/7/2018 at 5:49 PM, deathneko11 said:

Damn.  Wait.  That's Serana?  What's the quick and dirty to get her looking like that?  I wouldn't mind a follower like that on my heels :smile:


Thanks for the mashup.  Adding it to my hundreds of other armor/weapon mods.

I actually made a standalone follower first




then I used this to transfer the face to Serana.



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