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I was wondering if some mod here already has this functionality, or if anyone's planning on adding this?


I think the game's perfectly set up for it, with frequent fights between opposing factions, raiders attacking scavengers, etc. With rape content already in the game in regard to the player VS NPCs, it feels downright unimmersive that a group like the pack, for example, would settle for just killing their opponents. :smile:

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Four Play Violate by @vinfamy has some of this too, in the defeat scenarios.  The Player and their companions can be violated by NPCs when being defeated in combat.  They can also violate an NPC who submits.  I'm not aware of a mod that just has random rape encounters though.  There is FP Autonomy and a follow-up called Autonomy Enhanced which has elements from Autonomy and RSE in it , but I think those are mostly consensual encounters.

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15 hours ago, Randlocher said:

Hm @Flashy (JoeR) build in a rape function in his mod... but not for NPCs (maybe including like NPC autonomy, in the future; i have no idea).

Yeah, I was going to add the NPC/NPC defeat conditions to have a more 'living' world going on around you, but the code would have been overly complex to handle it. But who knows, I may get inspired again one day to try tackling this...

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