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  1. Okay, this is absolutely driving me nuts. My player character will randomly start sex with someone nearby, most often in the middle of conversation (so it usually happens when e.g. socializing in Diamond City, not when randomly roaming the wasteland) and often (but not always) with the person I'm talking to, commonly accompanied with the text box "<player> is doing something with <npc>". Sometimes it happens all the time, sometimes hours go by without it happening, so the bug is kind of a bitch to pin down. None of the logs in my games\fallout4\logs\ or AAF debug mode seem to tell
  2. Old topic, but I just had the same problem with BodyTalk3 and this thread came up on a google search, so maybe this is useful to someone: It seems the name of the folder at "Plugins\F4EE\Sliders\" needs to match the name of the mod. In my case, the mod was called "BodyTalk3-LooksMenu.esp" while the folder was called "LooksMenu.esp". Renaming the folder fixed the issue.
  3. I was wondering if some mod here already has this functionality, or if anyone's planning on adding this? I think the game's perfectly set up for it, with frequent fights between opposing factions, raiders attacking scavengers, etc. With rape content already in the game in regard to the player VS NPCs, it feels downright unimmersive that a group like the pack, for example, would settle for just killing their opponents.
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