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Chest pieces not fitting properly with some of 2PAC's clothing


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I have noticed that with some of the clothing items in 2PAC's skimpy outfit mod, chest pieces do not fit properly - they are pushed way away from the body, resulting in an ugly appearance.


I attached 2 images to show what the issue is - the leather armor piece fits all nice and snug when I have the vault suit on, but with the road leathers it is floating out away from her body.


Anyone know how I can resolve this issue?  I imagine it involved modding the outfit file in one program or another.




Fallout4 2018-01-17 16-38-57-35.jpg

Fallout4 2018-01-17 16-39-38-20.jpg

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Did you run them through bodyslide?  I use that 2pac set too, it's an almost complete set of replacers.  It's not 100% but it's close.  When I batch build with this mod and CBBE's default meshes installed, there are many conflicts which must be resolved in a dialogue window.  I found that when selecting randomly some 2pac, CBBE, and some physics meshes from different mods - it produces strange results like this when the outfits are combined.  i.e. leather chest model from CBBE and 2pac road leathers.


Oddly enough there are several outfits in 2pac's mod that include bodyslide abilities, but the outfit always exports with the 2pac double melons shape.  Notably, this is Piper's outfit and the feathery red dress that Irma in Memory Den wears.  For those 2, I use a different mod's files.

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