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WickedWhims ( Last Exceptions...

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Hi every one

You can help me please? I have e problem with the new version of WickedWhims (

I removed all old mods and the old animations

But a recevied the Last Exceptions message

I also tried it without WickedWhims it works. The problem then come from WickedWhims...

The only clue I have about the Last Exceptions,  is that I receive a notification that download objects have been removed.

All my objects have been tested and the only objects that do not appear is the condom . Can the problem come from this?


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Do you have some kind of loveseat CC? Seems there's some kind of rigging issue with it. Maybe that's one of the removed objects in the game? If you don't already use S4S you should get it and run the batch fixes for content, it should help resolve some issue. The rest you'll need to sort out manually by removing the problem mods. Which in this case seems to be some furniture. 


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16 minutes ago, 이서후 said:

I'm having similar issues, too :( i tried to find where condoms items are located but i couldn't.


This doesn't help. Post the Lastexception file. More than likely either your game is outdated or WW is not updated or you still have Nisak's hotpatch installed. 

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