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[HDT-SMP] Custom HDT-SMP armor to Bodyslide, My way and Qustion.


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I has spend many time to armor convert. I used blender 2011 to now. So some logic i have. However this is converting hdt-smp custon armor to bodyslide armor and question.


First. BodySlide cant load NiStringExtraData and without BSLightningShaderProperty lattice file. Delete or paste property

This is original(blender worked but tree same as original) to

this tree. nifskope 2.0 dev 7 has bug at change nif version. so used nifskope 1.1.3
Second now can load at bodyslide.

This armor(Yurica musketeert hdt-smp version) is almost same with unp low so used unp low convert. But more adjust need.

this small gap make more bigger shirt so no good at look. So import to blender(I use old blender 2.49b. this is best easy at my use)

So work complete at blender(This logic pass. So complex :D)
Pink is uunp body and yellow is armor. I worked blender only reference bone paste enable armors. upper part or leg part. Collision physics part can't adjust at my ability..
Now this part is good match at uunp body. So import to bodyslider. Paste at last adjust custom bone and make bodyslide project.

This is custom bone to paste. Remove except ninode "NPC COM" bone.
And paste to here adjust meshes.

now pasted can load bodyslider and make project file. But not past uunp body. smp bone not have belly bone so many error with uunp-hdt body. however..

This option has many error. No belly is exact work bone but Body mesh is many error like this

And hdt, special bone can't use. This work complete than past object to SMP bone but SMP bone not have belly or pussy bone.
Paste pussy or belly bone to custom bone cause ctd at my case so i don't do it.
However.. now choose UUNP and next work.

Now confirm all and save project. And goto bodyslider? no! more things left. make collision logic paste.
Open worked nif than.. what!!

This is hell!! But this is source. Not final object. Only need NiTriShapes.
Open original smp bone and delete body meshes and paste NiTriShape like this.

This is original mesh and body part only delete. now paste.

Now this is bodyslide project file. collider is hidden lattice file but now has BSLightingShaderProperty so delete it.

Now bodyslide work done! WOW!!
So hard work and in game!!

Fucked.. Bodyslide work has done but physics logic need diffrent adjust? I can't know and need help.
And this bodyslide not working breast and butt physic because not hdt(belly bone no) not special(pussy bone no).
Please uunp-tbbp mesh and boneweight need.


This is my way making bodyslide work. Welcome advise and some people can help.

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