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Editing XPSME tailbones - raising the tail mesh to fit a Bodyslide body?


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I've noticed with the beast-hybrid races such as the Ohmes-raht and the Half-Dragons, the tail sticks straight out of the butt. I'd like to raise it up to sit at the base of the spine, instead - more akin to the way the HDT wearable tails sit on the skeleton - but so far none of the bones I've tried transforming has budged the tail at all in-game. The Racemenu Beast section... kind of works; though rather than raise the tail itself - it raises most of the tail while leaving the connection tilted at an angle towards the original position.


Does anyone have any ideas?


Edit: I found some years-old threads on the very same subject, but they either held no answers or offered methods that no longer work.

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