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Regular activate sex mod .

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Im looking for a basic mod for fallout that will let me activate sex with anyone by adding the option then position like mods do in skyrim when i press [activate key]  i wanna be able to just have sex with anyone .  Cause these other mods just not working right and it just comes across as gay like if id be playing as a female who wants to be raped i dont want my mind there. 

When i try to do it they just die im talking about four play and violate it fails .  Im hopeing someone can point me to a basic simple hetero mod  Str8 . Male fucking a female mod .  Oh ye and the simple animation rugs thing dont work as well . cant really chase them down to tell them get on the damn rug . im about to give up on the sex mods for fallout 4 .

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I found out that theres all kinda version problems of fs4 and all that i gotta get another updated rip of the game as well as these other things. Man modding is getting worse and worse yet people plead , beg get angry  so much for credit , money and recognition instead of doing it like back in the day for the love of it and just being creative .

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I don't agree witH that.Beth made F4 in certain ways that  make it different from skyrim.To such an extent that it hinders sex modding.I believe they did that deliberately although vilfamy seems to disagree with me on that.

If you mean script extender that is due to Beth's creation club nonsense altering the f4 exe  There are ways around that you can read about in the nexus forums.

There are a lot of people being creative for skyrim still and fallout 4.Fallout 4 has modding issues with sex, with meshes  and with other facits based on its design .I think done by Beth deliberately to hin der sex modding.

There are people working on FNV in F4, f3 IN f4, the Frontier, Fallout Miami a bunch of other stuff  including weapons and armor mods just to be creative so I don't agree with you on that.

Some people do want to get paid and if they want to submit stuff to the creation club and get paid or put their stuff behind a pay wall and ask for money that is their right .

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