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Creature genitals not visible


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First, I want to preface this post since I'm not new to Skyrim or modding (in spite of this newbish problem I'm having).  I participated in Sacremas' "how to" thread 2-3 years ago, and as a result of his help I had a perfectly working game going all this time.  No more glitches.  Textures and animations all working like they should - so, what do I do a week ago?  I changed my mods, dropping a bunch and starting new ones, even writing a new Mod Organizer profile.  Facepalm.

That's when the trouble started.  Now, in my new game, everything runs fine, animations work, humans have all their genital equipment, creatures even dry hump the air but without their junk.  Everything is fine except for the missing creature genitals!  I messed with load order for a while but nothing changed.  I started a new game.  Nothing changed.  I'm at my wits' end now, and while I could conceivably go ahead with a no-bestiality style game, it honestly doesn't appeal to me (my character is an oversexed Temptress who uses her charm to get whatever she wants).


 I'll attach my load order.  I don't know what else you might want, other than maybe my Papyrus log, but I'll provide whatever needed to fix this stupid game.  I keep asking myself why I have kept going back to Skyrim for 6+ years when it's so complicated getting my favorite mods to work.   


Also, I'm on the original 32-bit Skyrim (not the SE).  I use the new versions of LOOT and FNIS whenever I change my mods.




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1 hour ago, flutie said:

did you re-register all mods in creature framework mcm menu

I believe so.  I've gone through the recommended steps so many times it's a blur.  I'll go do that now. 


Thanks for your response.

EDIT: In the Creature Framework MCM, the "Re-register" option is greyed out and cannot be clicked.


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