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Assigning unique textures to meshes?


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Recently created an esp in Tes5Edit for outfitting the cast of Amorous Adventures. I'm new to this. Nothing too challenging but added Omnisway HDT Clothing Meshes and KS HDT Hairdos so they stand out. Use Remodeled Armors (standalone) to swap out the meshes. I don’t want to distribute throughout the npcs in the game, just the cast members. Works fine. But I now would like to change the clothing textures to HiRes Rustic clothes (also without replacing game textures) and, while I know how to assign new textures in NifSkope, I don’t know how to actually load unique textures into the game nor how to reference them. Is that even possible?

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5 hours ago, RW311 said:

Create a texture set and assign the file path to the alternate textures of the clothes, create an alt version of the armor or clothing and assign the texture set to the armor addon.

Look at any of the alt versions of clothing for examples.

So need to create a texture set in CK?

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