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some more dragon ball mods


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I like what the modding community have done so far with the dragon ball mods. I use the kamehameha as a second reflex in combat. I like the goku and vegeta outfits, and the scouters. Lets expand on these ideas, and see what amazing mods we can create.




It would be awesome for someone to create the dragon balls. The seven dragon balls could be hidden all across skyrim. The dragon balls could all be collectible. To find them, we are going to need a dragon radar, or a map, or an elder scroll. Then, when all seven dragon balls are collected, there needs to be a way to activate them to summon a really cool dragon from skyrim that grants you a wish. This wish could grant you immorality, make you very wealthy, give you a powerful weapon or armor, or teach you a new spell, power, or shout.


Please leave comments on what you would wish for.


I saw the goku wig and the SSJ1 hairstyles. It would be awesome if the different hairstyles for the levels of super Saiyajin like SSJ3 and SSJ4 were added. The long hair of SSJ3 looks very cool. Someone could even add a tail of a Khajiit for the tail for SSJ4. Someone could add a transformations for these super saiyajin levels or add the textures so we can build them in the showracemenu. Playermodels would be a good idea also.








What Super Saiyajin level would you like to see most in skyrim?


I saw the kahehameha wave, solar flare, distructo disk, special bean cannon spells. Wouldn't it be cool if you could use Ssj4 goku 10x kamehameha wave which is the red one, the big bang kamehameha, spirit bomb, super dragon fist, or omega shenron's minus energy power ball attack.












What technique would you like to see the most in skyrim?


Please share your comments, ideas, and progress below. Thanks

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The dragonballs idea sounds complicated, but I like it.

What I'd really love to see is a Super Saiyan power that gives you an aura and equips a wig like Backsteppo's and maybe boosts the player's HP, magicka, stamina and speed for fixed period of time, or until magicka slowly runs out. Any of the other transformations would be excellent as well, even a simple kaioken power.


If I remember correctly, the kamehameha that already exists is a very thin beam. I would like to see a "wider" version if that's possible without using the lightning storm effects.

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I have all models ripped from Raging blast 2 here.

I can give it a try at some armor or playermodels soon ( i'll just finish 2 mods from tera that i'm workin one) that i'll start work on more things.


Sweet! I'd be eager to see any of the non-human villains imported. Playing as Super Buu with a wabbajack spell, turning everyone into sweetrolls? Haha yes please.

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Wow! Your models look great. I like the way you can transform into SSJ4 and SSJ5. I like how you stepped it up a notch and went to a Super Saiyajin level that I thought I would never be able to see. I know people are going to be charging up along with goku as he ascends to higher levels of Super Saiyajin.lol. I also like how you have a what if models. "hercule, raditz, bardock, and buu. You are very talented my friend. I can't wait until these are released.They truly blow all the other dragon ball mods out of the water. :D

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