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Matchmaker, guards won't remove helmets or weapons


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if you target the guards first, (using sexlab target - default 'n' with the target under the crosshairs. target will flash blue, there will be a message in the top left) then open Sexlab in the MCM, at the bottom you will see Strip Item editor. In there you will see your inventory and the guard's inventory. Click on the helmet/boots/whatever change it to always remove. Sexlab will remember for all of THOSE type of helmets. You will have to do this for all the different types of helmets. Remember stormcloak soldier helmets aren't the same as Rift Guard helmets, Whiterun Guards helmets. You have to do them all. Nice thing is Sexlab will remember. You only have to do them once. And if you export your settings at the end of a playthrough, all your Strip Item settings get exported too, so when you start a new playthrough you can import them straight in at the start. Clever Sexlab. Ty Ashal.

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