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It may be a bit early...


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Has anyone played with nvidia's new post-processing filters called Freestyle?  It was included in their latest driver release.(390.65)

Fallout 4/SSE were both supported at launch.

Just looking for opinions from people who've already played with it.


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So, I finally got around to playing with the Freestyle program.

1st, I don't have any experience with ENB other then using other peoples presets.


So, a quick review..

Its very easy to use.  Alt-Z during the game to open up the overlay, then select game filters.

Select one of the configurable presets and add whatever filters you want.  Each filter has typically 3 sliders. 


For me, being able to see whats being changed in real time as you move the sliders gave me a better understanding what the filters do.

For noobs like me, this is a spectacular easy program to use.

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Got everything updated to the current Nvidia package.  Freestyle will open only in Steam launched FO4.  When launching it through MO2 using F4SE, it tells me that I must be using a supported title.


Did you happen to launch it through MO2 with F4SE?



Freestyle doesn't seem to like launching FO4 through MO2.  Launching it either with just F4SE works or just fallout4.exe directly.  I'll keep playing with it to see if I can make it all play nice.

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I believe NMM just launches the F4SE directly, not wraps and injects the way that MO2 does.  I tried the workaround tab in MO2 to not use Mod Organizer but run F4SE directly and call MO2 as a plugin - but that didn't work either.  I'm not even sure if that works at all yet in MO2 with F4SE.


I'll keep plugging away when I have free-time.


Overall though, I was playing with the filters in vanilla fallout - and my initiation impression was "instagram filters in my game"  :smile:  The surface level pre-made filters were more or less like that.  I didn't play too much with the individual components, so i can't really give much more feedback on it.  It was cool though.

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