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Noobie Needing Direction (Hope Correct forum)

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Writing this here cause I originally started Skyrim way back, but with all the mods that came out, was really confused, so kind of dropped it. Finally got the desire to start Skyrim again, and figured I'd ask help on mods..or just basic mods to use sex wise.


My only thing I have no idea where to begin. So asking basic general direction I guess. 


Mainly want the ladies to look and act like Mizzbonjovi's machinma movies, so specifically inflation/pregnancy, and all that body jiggle. My playhthroughs going to be fully male slaying/laying all the ladies so...yup. I know this seem bare bones,but got no idea which mods to get to even begin,you know?


If this is on the wrong section to ask, apologizes. I'd ask in technical, but seems mostly a bug report spot. So appreciate any help, thanks in advance. 

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Hey JF,


Thanks, I'm going through your list right now. Man like diving into a frozen lake, mad confusing hah.


Anyways for your tumblr post I'd suggest putting SoS above the XPSME since thats the progression. I had to double back. Also some other mods needed more (I think FNIS, but just been downloading whatever required) 


But thanks using your information as a base. Sorry if my English is bad. 


So if I understand Sexlab is just the framework. What do you suggest for animations? Rough and hard types specifically.


And general mods like harem building and that sort of thing 

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that's true. in my defense, the instructions do explicitly say to always let the skeleton overwrite everything, but if you go down the list, you will end up installing it first. i went in order of importance - it didn't occur to me to make it order of installation.


sexlab does come with a bunch of animations. you can also get SL Animation Loader (https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/2856-sl-animation-loader-pack-collection-and-installation-guide/ ) and check out its list of other animations.


i don't do the harem thing myself, but i know the Manipulator (https://www.loverslab.com/topic/60070-the-manipulator/ ) has such a function, and is also very useful if you need to change npc's (you can make them essential or protected or take away either of those tags, or kill or disable them, among other things).

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