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Sintiklia's nails for gloves category compatible with kijiko's eyelashes

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Important Note:

If the nails don't show up on selection it's probably because you are using a top or full outfit that blocks the right braces from being worn.

The nails use that spot to show up and some outfits/tops sadly don't allow braces.

If you wear braces on the right arm the texture/shine on the nails changes depending on the brace that is selected, metallic braces give the nails a reflecting effect while many non-metallic braces make the nails look matte.


So I was playing around in CAS and noticed that kijiko's eyelashes in the skin details section weren't compatible with nails. Apparently this is because of the fact most nails screw up the texture near the eyelashes. So I decided to try it anyway and set certain nails to the gloves category with sims 4 studio, most didn't work but luckily 5 of sintiklia's nails did work and they are also very pretty.

I also added a redder texture swatch for each one of them since I didn't like the red it came with. These are able to be found in the gloves category.

One minor thing is that sadly bracers on the right arm won't be visible. For me this is more acceptable than missing out on kijiko's eyelashes or sintiklia's nails.

I do not claim ownership of these nails at all all rights belong to Sintiklia for creating them. https://www.thesimsresource.com/artists/SintikliaSims

Here are the individual links to the original nails in the ring category made by Sintiklia. These are not the gloves version that I modified I'm just crediting work.







Hope everyone enjoys using these, if there are any questions feel free to ask.


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