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Idea: Mod that adds in more adult magazines to collect

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I was wondering if anyone out there could either develop a mod similar to the Adult Magazines of Fallout by a2b. I am a bit of a collector and there just really isn't that much to collect in Fallout 4. I would like to create a mod like this if I could but I honestly have no idea how, what programs to use other than the GECK, or even if there is a tutorial I seem to be missing. If any of you would like to create a tutorial I would gladly make it, otherwise my only other option is sit here and ask.


Thank you and have a great day to all of you blessed modders.


(Link for the mod mentioned above: https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/3103-adult-magazines-of-fallout/ )

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i would be more than willing to offer you insight into HOW to do it. I made five magazines for my mod RSE, so am quite intimate with how to do it. It is a little tedious and time consuming at first but not insurmountable and once you do one or two, you'll already have a rhythm down pat...


This said, you do need:


Adobe Photoshop

NVidia .DDS plugin for Photoshop

Material Editor Tool from the Nexus

BAE - .BA2 extrator tool from the Nexus


Fallout 4 CK


In a nutshell, you first create an empty ESP mod file with Fallout4.esm as the master.

In there, you can find the other magazines.

Best way to start is to duplicate one of them and give it a new formID and name.

Once it is unique (new formid/name) you know it is not affecting vanilla game assets and you can start changing it.

First thing is to extract the models and textures and materials the the magazine is using.

To find these, you need to look at the magazine itself and also its Static Object.

Between these, note down the Material File, the Texture File and the NIF it uses.

Extract these files from the Fallout4 .ba2 files.

Now you can edit the cover images of the magazines in photoshop with the DDS plugin - modify and then save with a new name.

Open the material editor, import the material file for the magazine and change it's color channel texture map.

Save the material with a new name.

Open the NIF in nifscope and open all of the nodes. You need to find the texture nodes and the materials node.

Change the material to the one you just created and change the color texture channel to the one you saved in PS.

Save the NIF with a new name.

Go back into the CK and open your newly made magazine. Click on MODEL and you should see Material Swap.

Click on this to change the material to the one you just made with the material editor.

You should see the transform immediately change to show you your new image as the cover on the model of the magazine.

Now open the Static Object and again, click the EDIT button for the model and change its material swap.

Now the worldspace placed object will show your texture map, as will the inventory / reading it texture map.

Once all of these has been updated, you save you ESP.

Place the magazine somewhere in a cell. Ensure it is not clipping underground or anything.

Save the ESP.

Load Fallout4 and go find, pick up and read your new magazine.

This is it in a nutshell.


Its complicated, yes, even more in practice than in reading this.... but like I said, once you do it once or twice, you should have a pattern to it and be able to knock them out REALLY quickly.


Trust me. Its not so bad... I learned this on MY OWN, without anyone helping or tutorials. You will be fine :smile: And have custom magazines out the wazoo in no time, such as:



This is the SAFEST of my NSFW magazine covers. LoL!

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