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8k Realistic Skin

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Has any else encountered a problem with these two mods. AF works with all other animation i.e shower scenes and sexy female walking/sitting but doesn't seem to overlay to the "8K Realistic Skin Textures"


skin texture: https://rd.nexusmods.com/fallout4/mods/28809 


All movement seems to have stopped, is it possible to fix or is this a load order issue?

I know I could roll back the texture but seriously have you seen how good the texture looks?

Love you're work BTW

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Mate, why are you asking for support here for a mod hosted at another site? This subforum is PURELY for downloadable mods hosted on THIS site. You might find this thread moved to a general support subforum shortly... just as an FYI.

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poor subject title..My bad.  I was asking about Animated Fannies. The mesh/animation doesn't seem to overlay onto the 8k texture and the animations i.e bounce/movement has also stopped were as before the bodies all moved very realistically when naked regardless of which animation e.g whilst in the shower or simply walking around and stuff. Anyway I'm rolling back to "FSM Body Textures - CBBE Texture Mashup". Thanks all the same cheers



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