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More of a suggestion/idea than a request, but it's about Slavery

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Alright, so in Skyrim for slavery it had everything. Dread Prison, ZAZ items to make up your own slave/torture/execution den, slave trade, slave training, slave fucking, slave everything. What it missed though is slave execution. 


What do I mean slave execution? Treat a slave as a prisoner instead of a slave. That prisoner is now in your disposal whether that slave lives or dies. I am talking firing squads or mustard gas chambers. Some slaves are just too unworthy to be slaves. Sometimes, just needs to happen. The previous DLC for Fallout 4, Contraption Workshop, was a major disappointment in my eyes. To think I was able to create an execution chamber, yet relied on traps to do my bidding. More so, the idea of capturing hostiles and releasing them as hostile than to feel like a prisoner was also another let down. 


So in theory, this suggestion/idea is thrown out there so Fallout 4 doesn't make the same mistake as Skyrim did. Sure, Skyrim is still growing strong to this day, but resources were provided to users to create their own idea instead. Which isn't bad, but some of the community members are not modding experts nor have the extra time to invest.


This is just an idea/suggestion though. Just thought to bring it up is all :smile:

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