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Reinstalling, a couple of questions.

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This may not be totally related to lovers or so in anayway, but I am all braindead about this.


My shiffering isles DLC does somehow not work anymore, ever since I installed Lovers. I deactivated it afterwards it stopped working.


Now, what I do like to do is place one Obliv folder for vanilla and 1 for lovers.


Is this possible without any problems? Asking before I through the rather painfull install process yet again :P


Also, A other question:


What does bashing do?


Now to the mod part. My current obliv folder is having lots of stuff, which is the main reason I want to use two differend oblivion folders:





If it is possible, how would I go about it?

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Yes you should be able to do this. Try this program: http://oblivion.nexusmods.com/mods/41271


I have not used it myself but it is designed to do just what you are asking.


As to your second question "What does bashing do?" - making a bashed patch helps to eliminate conflicts making your game more stable. You can also merge in and disable some mods (Wrye will know which ones) which saves you some esp slots.

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You can repair your shivering Isle Installation its not difficult...

Just extract the source Archive using Uni extract and Copy /overwrite the files...

Files are Resource BSA Archives, SI Esp and Patched Oblivion EXE to latest patch..


I created an OMOD by extracting the DLC and repacking it via OBMM so i can overwrite it whenever they misbehave...

Alt Method:

One of the better way of extracting archives is i found fooling the installer to install it in non oblivion folder and just picking the changed files one by one and create a NXM or OBMM archive...


I think the installer checks for following files..

Oblivion.exe and folder structure with data\oblivion.esm... put it in a new folder like c:\oblvion-ext\ and run SI installer Show it this custom path and your SI files will extract in that folder and create a zip minus files you put there... same for other DLC's.. then you can reinstall via Mod managers...

Note : I have GOTY edition so, Final official Patch is already applied, I donot know about Initial release that require official patches to be applied...

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