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Multiplayer custom lobby?


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I know that seems hard and almost impossible but some games like gta sa etc... have multiplayer game mode that lets single player games play multiplayer mode and the game play is the same. Would be wild if this does get made. Hoping it would but won't be to upset since I know even I can't make a simple mod file lol.

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The Sims 4 was originally going to have a multiplayer feature but EA likely decided against it for reasons which have become abundantly clear just by seeing the kinds of mods available for the Sims 4 on this very site. They aren't interested in the hassles that come with trying to manage and moderate the second Second Life.

It shouldn't be impossible since Skyrim has a rudimentary co-op mod and it was never intended to be anything but a single player game. Beyond that, Just Cause 2's multiplayer mode started off as a mod and now it has official support. Don't count on EAMaxis doing the same...not officially, that is.

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