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Spawn player model


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Spawn has always been one of my favorite characters. I have played the video games, read the comic books, and watched the movie.




Spawn has been on the original xbox with spawn Armageddon. Here is a link to that trailer.





Spawn was an exclusive character on the xbox 360 version of soul calibur 2. This video shows you how much better he looks and they scroll through all his voice animations. Something cool about this one is they also had his face without the mask as an alternate costume.







Spawn can be used to fit the needs of any character role.



Spawn has necropowers he uses,and Spawn's necropowers allow him to do trillions of different things. Someone can make him shoot out green balls, and that would make him play as a mage like character. His cape would allow him to blend in with the environment. So we can have him be invisible or a chameleon with it "this could also help with sneaking and playing a thief role". He could also protect himself with the cape. He could make it turn into any shape as defense. he could also travel with the cape. So maybe he can glide down mountains with it. Maybe it is possible to give him powers and?or spells that can be used to target specific things we need him to do.










Spawn can make one awesome commando. He has this double bladed axe he uses in soul calibur 2. So maybe someone can re-texture wuuthrad into it or even work with the soul calibur 2 model. Spawn would make an excellent candidate for hand to hand combat. He can use his necro powers to make spikes or anything he can imagine appear on his fist and really do some damage. Spawn also has these chain-like weapons that he can use in many different ways. In the movie he hits a bottle that is tossed in the air, and he used them to finish off the violator.








It would really be awesome if we can get his voice in there, because spawn sounds so cool. I would also like to see an alternate no mask version or some option where I can remove the mask and put it back on whenever I want. I would also like to see good work on spawn's cape, because that is one of the best things about him. His cape is huge, and it is has rips in it. There is a lot of opportunity to have a lot of fun with this mod. I challenge you to make this happen. good luck and message me with your comments, ideas, and your progress. thanks

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I've just finished it' date=' but I can't seem to fix this weird issue with the hand bracelet, it's not too bad but you'll see.


Check my thread out for the links:





Thanks for the awesome mod. I had a 4 hour run playing as spawn, and I can't wait to show him off to my friends when they come over.


Glad to hear you like it man, makes the time I spent on it worthwhile.

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