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Miscarriages misbehaving?

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Game version, updated via origin today.

After update, noticed that I needed to update wickedwhims and did so. Also installed the basemental drug mod today. Regardless of whether I have miscarriages toggled on or off, my sim has miscarried every single attempt at pregnancy, often immediately after the pregnancy has been discovered. I've set pregnancy chance up to 100% and have tried ten times now, and every single time this has happened. After the first couple tries, I did get my sim off of drugs and got rid of all the drugs in the house, just in case. I've also kept all of her needs bars in the green. Any idea how I can fix this? Or do I just have truly terrible luck? Any clarification as to how the miscarriage chance is designed would be nice. Thanks!

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Not sure if this is a result of WW or Basemental but my sims cannot stay pregnant. Every time she gets pregnant she has a miscarriage. There is an option to disable miscarriages. I have it enabled but she miscarries anyway. 

I read in the patch notes for WW that you were aware of the issue and this latest version 122b was supposed to fix that but the issue remains even after installing. 

Any suggestions?

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sigo con el mismo problema de que mis sims no tienen abortos,por mas cosas que haga,no hay manera,esto debe ser algun problema como dicen de actualizar esa parte de la configuracion,porque da lo mismo que lo marque o  no. A ver si alguien me escucha y tratan de solucionarlo por favor.

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Sigo esperando que se solucione el problema de los abortos involuntarios,ya que me  la paso escribiendo y pidiendo por ello y no veo que se solucione en las actualizaciones de wicked ,ya no se a quien recurrir,ya que si no es aqui ,a quien sino,se estan revisando esa parte de los archivos? me pregunto yo?,podrian por favor hacerce cargo de este inconveniente que es tan molesto,agradeceria muchisimo,vuelvo a estar en contacto.


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