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Trying to find a game....


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So, as the title suggests, I'm trying to find a game that I played a little while back... I've gone through the games list and tried anything that rings a bell, but have had no joy.


So, the contents of the game from memory are below - hopefully this may lead to somebody being able to point me in the right direction:


If memory serves, you play as the son, who's mother/father have just seperated, and you live with the mother. Her friend and her daughter (18+) come to stay, where you know the daughter from a long time ago. I believe sex scenes are available with all the characters, the first being a shower scene with the mothers friend where you have options of asserting yourself more or less - she finishes you off without sex, and somewhat punishes you for spying/entering without knocking.


You have somewhat free-roam of the house, and wander around during the night to find other scenes. Think theres some along the lines of spying on the daughter masturbating, and a scene with the mother.


Hopefully none of the above breaks any forum rules (have briefly read, so i dont think so...), but hopefully theres enough to go by to pin-point the game... Thanks in advance folks.



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