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I've became a fan of Alternative start mod and Slaverun from Skyrim, but in came to me an idea:what if we start as a slave?

the PC is born as a slave, barely knows how to talk and the outside world(of course we have to make the player almost mute make him answer by nodding, gestures or growling; that changes in general the dialogue of the game), naturally with great endurance and stealth, but worst Intelligence. The newly adquired slaves are more intelligent but weak in general they have ragged clothes, while the Born Slave goes naked ignoring anything that comes about privacity, they don't feel need to use clothes(can't wear clothes or armor forever), the new slaves are separate from the born ones to avoid any influence about dialects or knowledge about the world. as well a separation of gender.

it starts inside of a claimed Vault by slavers to keep the slaves in and work in the mines for raw materials, cultivate mushrooms for drugs, give birth of Babies for the future slave Market and more slave jobs.

One day the PC found a photo of a city with great buildings that sparked curiosity about the outside world or gave a job to be a gatherer outside with guards with a chance of escape, and since then wanted to escape, after escaping the PC is forced to live in the wild, doens't know how to use guns, goes only with non-tech melee weapons or unarmed (can create them and upgrade them),

stay away of populated settlements, Diamond city, they will shot you if you get too close, they give warnings to turn back they don't want a cretin tribal near their home.

Diamond city has legalized slavery if they learned you are a escaped slave they will subjugate you and "tame you" to follow their rules.

Goodneighbour might be the only place to go but be weary of slavers that go in there sometimes and others that will take advantage of you to prostitution in exchange of a mutfruit.

travelers and caravans merchants are generally friendly they barter with you but you don't know anything about caps so you give direct trade of items for items.


PC can use settlements workshops but only to create a bed of leafs and firecamp.

Some companions might join you like Piper because she have a soft heart and want to help the slaves, Cait have a history of slavery as well and goes along with you because she indentifies herself with you, Deacon ( well since he helps Synths why not helping ignorants slaves staying free.) Macready might help since some of his friends of lamplight were capture by Slavers of Paradise Falls he felt to tag along with you for free. Nick being rescued he will go with you because he owes you and knows what is like to be excluded from everyone, and helps you getting into diamond city without consequences, pretending that he received a slave as payment from a client.

There are slavers patrols looking for you and they are hostile( if they caught you they will trying to reeducate you by abusing and beating).-

if you have companions they will be enslaved as well and separated giving more work to escape or leave them be slaves while you go away.

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In skyrim forums there is a post called weak girl... follows how one makes their character weak and basically a hard life.


Not same as this, but along the same vein.there are now mods since you posted this.  You can roleplay a lot of different things now...



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