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LwPK is without a doubt superior to sexlivion.


Sexlivion is more interactable (ie, sex is more like a minigame) than lovers but lovers is a lot more advanced than sexlivion. There are also a ton of features and plugins for lovers.


Sexlivion has a neat little storyline to it and other things. It's a fun mod to play however lovers is simply more complex and had more stuff.

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Sexlivion, as The Mad God stated, an interesting little plugin, but it can't even compare to what lovers with pk offers. Lovers has so many different plugins to it (6 pages in the downloads section) that it really isn't fair to compare the two.


It would be better to compare Sexlivion to Friends and Lovers (from which Sexlivion was based).


There are so many different animations for lovers with pk and that does even count the creature sex animations. Trying to compare Sexlivion to Lovers with PK is comparing a Yugo to a Porsche. It just isn't fair to either.....

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