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Request from eachother here!!


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For Skyrim


Request or create BodySlide presets, for somebody else!! Go1! One person describes and one creates, so this works just like in the "Making BodySlide presets for you!!" thread but you request from whoever declares they'll be taking requests here!


Post and bait. <3

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16 hours ago, bobcarlos said:

shouldn't we have a section/thread for posting bodyslide presets?

That's a good suggestion! At the top of the club there is a tab called "Share your presets", is it possible for you to share there?


Sorry for slow reply even though I clicked "follow thread" it didn't. Hope it notifies me next post. :tongue: 

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Ayye ppl! So I resonantly saw this on the Shadbase website and apparently its based off this sex doll, The body on this thing is fuckin killer and I would love to get my hands on a BodySlide that looks similar. I've tried making it myself in BodySlide but I'm simply not talented enough, when ever I try to replicate it it just ends up looking fat instead of "THICC". I know a few of you guys have the skills for the job so if your interested in making an attempt of replicating it in BodySlide I would be very great full, so would me nuts ;). Oh also here's a link to a fuck ton of reference pics Link: https://realdolladdict.com/2017/12/27/wm-dolls-163cm-h-cup-new-body/#more-37394

P.S I use CBBE so a CBBE preset would be preferable, however if u need to use a different body mod that's alright also. Thanks again!




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