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  1. bobcarlos

    Request for this clothes

    thanks, but i think this is not the one in the pic
  2. bobcarlos

    Request for this clothes

    I found another video with the same clothes, and with more colors. I hope it is easier to recognize
  3. clothes in the realclone dance video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RmVQnaarhM any help is appreciated, thanks.
  4. bobcarlos

    [SYBP] Share Your Bodyslide Preset

    Hi, i have posted my presets some time ago. It is for thick lovers. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5074-bobcarlos-presets
  5. Hi guys, I'm looking for this hair in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsNdelERK8U Please help, I tried to search but no results found. Thanks!
  6. bobcarlos

    Wet Function Redux

    Hi, is there a way to increase the glossiness and specular limits on the slider? on the sweaty wet skin auto adjustment the limits for the sliders are much higher. I wanted to give a more oily aspect then wet, and increasing the limit does the job. Anyways, awesome mod! best solution for what i've been looking for.
  7. bobcarlos

    Bobcarlos presets

    the textures are from the TexBlendUUNP, it comes with the bodyslide mod. If you enter BodySlide and Outfit Studio\CalienteTools you should see two folders: Bodyslide And TexBlendUUNP. with this program, you can configure the veins the way you like, and add different levels of fitness to the PC. Remember that it only works for UNP, so i won't post textures, since you can configure the best way for you. If you can't manage to make it work, send a pm
  8. bobcarlos

    [SYBP] Share Your Bodyslide Preset

    I'm happy you liked the presets. I'm now adjusting a few proportions, and propably will release a new pack version, although not to soon. i'm gonna try to make realsitic and hentai presets in separated folders. Also, i changed to UUNP recently, and its much better for thick bodies.
  9. Yeah, for some reason when i changed from CBBE to UNP, then unninnstalling CBBE version, files still remained intact. So I reinstalled again with a clean game and it worked. Thanks!
  10. Hi. When i use this mod, the body underneath the clothes is CBBe instead UNP. You see from 0 weight that body mesh is cbbe although texture is unp. And then on 100 waight, there is a gap between boobs and the outfit as you can see in picture. There is also a gap between legs and outfit. Any ideas why this is happening? im using UUNP special edition (is UUNP with working vagina) so it should have worked right?
  11. Version 1.0.0


    Collection of presets based on hentai artists like rebis and kunaboto. EDIT: some presets are for CBBE and others are from UNP. TIP: if you want to convert CBBE preset do UNP preset, go to bodyslide ans click on save preset as, after that check on UNP and save. When you choose UNP body, the preset that once was CBBE should now appear as UNP. EDIT 2: Presets for SKyrim, idk if its compatile with Skyrim SE. I thought this club was focused on Skyrim, cuz it was originated from the skyrim bodyslide preset thread, but apparently if i dont inform the game, i'll recieve poor reviews regardless of the content quality and effort put in. For further people that join the club not knowing where it came from, now you have the context. Bye!
  12. I double the request. I can't download from mega, because its too big, and i cant find the google drive link
  13. bobcarlos

    Request from eachother here!!

    shouldn't we have a section/thread for posting bodyslide presets?
  14. bobcarlos

    (Paused) Making BodySlide presets for you

    has anyone created the club?