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  1. Hi, i kinda discovered a better and easy way to customize the npcs. It is the most customizable way i found to this day.It works only with racemenu, sorry. First you need to install alternate actors (assuming you already have racemenu installed and working), It will expand the racemenu customization on the npcs. The thing is, you dont use the spells that came with this mod to become the npc. Second, you install the manipulator mod, it has an option on the MCM menu. You have to point to your npc, go to the mcm mod menu of the manipulator, and then open racemenu cosmetic. You will the that because you installed alternate actors, the racemenu for the npc will have a lot more options than if you just installed the manipulator and used the mcm racemenu. With this 2 mods combined, you can edit body parts just like bodyslide morphs in game for racemenu. You can chance body scales also, but you cant change eye, hair and skin color or weight. Despite that, you have access to body paints and all. Also presets are not possible to use with npc. So what i do is i have familiar faces installed. I use racemenu on my character, put the preset i want and create a follower using familiar faces. Also, your preset must not contain hdt hair(put bald hairstyle), because if you put hdt hair, follower will vanish. After that I teleport the follower to me, and to add some hair I have installed some HDT hair wigs and with the procedure mentioned above, i tweak the body of my follower like im using bodyslide ingame. It can have different body proportions compared to your character preset Simplifying: Very fast method. You have to have face presets that you want for your followers saved in the racemenu. For each follower use racemenu on yourself, export the racemenu face preset you want to your follower and use familiar faces to create npc. After thar, use what i said to open racemenu on the npc and tweak body proportions. Put a wig on the follower and you have it! PS: post not written in the best way and maybe some redundancy, english is not my native language. If you have any doubts, post a reply...
  2. Hi, very clever solution for the spazzing out problem, but the mod seens to not be working. When I installed the bad dog original mod, all schlongs appear during sex, but your addon only appears for a brief time and then vanishes. It is not a xml comma or period problem, already checked. Any ideas? Thanks
  3. Hi, I managed to get this mod kinda working. It has physics like jiggle tits an all that stuff, but collision is kinda messy. Collision kinda works with SOS, but only when penis is small. When i change size to 20, collision does not work properly. I use UNP, and when intalling this mod I selected the option "UUNP Special Bodyslide Files" which gave me the possibility to use bodyslide presets. The xml layouts are european, fo floats are used with comma "," instead of periods ".". On the log file, i get a message saying: "Bone NPC L Breast01 is not exist, skipped" (and other bones) on the "cbbe-hdt-vag-collisionsoff.xml" file. So, maybe what is causing my collision problem is the lack of bones right? I already updated the XP32MSE skeleton (got last version), so I assume it is caused also because I don't use CBBE body? Or do I have to update the patches that you provided in order to work? From this topic on loverslab prepacked hdt smp groovtama said that: But I don't understand if this affetcs UUNP bodys or not, Can anyone clarify please? There is another topic on this forum hdt smp uunp that provides some uunp and xml related to hdt smp stuff, but again, I can't understand how to implement this or if this is old. English is not my native language so I have a hard time reading all this stuff. Thanks
  4. Hi, how do I install a custom hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP? I use modOrganizer and it is complicated, also, I have installed all in one unp hdt pussy 4.0 from leyenda, which contains a custom hdtPhysicsExtensionsDefaultBBP on it's own. How do I overwrite?
  5. bobcarlos

    Let's dance again

    Awesome, I'll definitely do that! I don't bother too much about the duration so that's good enough, thanks for the info!
  6. bobcarlos

    Let's dance again

    Instead adding new dances, can i replace then existing ones? for example, with the realclone dances you get the dance animation file and the music, so can i just replace a dance that i dont like with the dance that i want from realclone? (and running FNIS after) I used to do that with the lets dance mod posted by realcloned and worked every time.
  7. bobcarlos

    Request for this clothes

    thanks, but i think this is not the one in the pic
  8. bobcarlos

    Request for this clothes

    I found another video with the same clothes, and with more colors. I hope it is easier to recognize
  9. clothes in the realclone dance video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2RmVQnaarhM any help is appreciated, thanks.
  10. bobcarlos

    [SYBP] Share Your Bodyslide Preset

    Hi, i have posted my presets some time ago. It is for thick lovers. https://www.loverslab.com/files/file/5074-bobcarlos-presets
  11. Hi guys, I'm looking for this hair in the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CsNdelERK8U Please help, I tried to search but no results found. Thanks!
  12. bobcarlos

    Wet Function Redux

    Hi, is there a way to increase the glossiness and specular limits on the slider? on the sweaty wet skin auto adjustment the limits for the sliders are much higher. I wanted to give a more oily aspect then wet, and increasing the limit does the job. Anyways, awesome mod! best solution for what i've been looking for.
  13. bobcarlos

    Bobcarlos presets

    the textures are from the TexBlendUUNP, it comes with the bodyslide mod. If you enter BodySlide and Outfit Studio\CalienteTools you should see two folders: Bodyslide And TexBlendUUNP. with this program, you can configure the veins the way you like, and add different levels of fitness to the PC. Remember that it only works for UNP, so i won't post textures, since you can configure the best way for you. If you can't manage to make it work, send a pm
  14. bobcarlos

    [SYBP] Share Your Bodyslide Preset

    I'm happy you liked the presets. I'm now adjusting a few proportions, and propably will release a new pack version, although not to soon. i'm gonna try to make realsitic and hentai presets in separated folders. Also, i changed to UUNP recently, and its much better for thick bodies.