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Please help to do this. Console command or Scripts


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Hi, I'm a novice in this, that's why I need help please.
I want to execute multiple command console but I need to have a waiting time between each of them, for example.

mfg modifier 0 1
Wait 1 second
mfg modifier 0 2
Wait 1 second
mfg modifier 0 3


I know that with a batch or bat in the Skyrim / Data folder and using the command "bat" you can execute multiple commands but I do not know how to add the "wait" between each of them.
Is there any way, or should I use another method like scripts?

Help please.

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Did some searching, I don't think it's possible with a bat file run from within the game.  The console seems to process all commands simultaneously (or so fast it looks that way) when run from a bat file.  There is a Wait utility that can be used in scripting, but it requires a package reference to be used.  


You could do this with Autohotkey though.  That supports waits/pauses before moving on to the next task.

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