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Story mod idea involving Knight Paladin Gelebor and the Falmer

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After finishing Dawnguard and currently playing Things in the Dark by Delzaron, I thought of a potential storyline that would work very well that involves Knight-Paladin Gelebor, the Falmer and Ibn/Blackreach with the last surviving Dwemer, Yagrum Bagarn being the villain behind it all. 





Beeing Female or any pregnancy related mod

Things in the Dark (recommended, but optional)

Finish the Dawnguard main quest since it involves Gelebor. 

The mod would be geared towards a female PC - after reading the summary, you'll see why. 


The beginning:


Either Gelebor tells you that he's gotten wind of a way to restore the Snow Elves among the Falmer or you, the PC runs across a clue leading to such a path. Unbeknowst to either of them the clues have been carefully laid by Yagrum Bagarn - the last surviving Dwemer living in the Corpusarium.  Additionally, as Gelebor has said at the end of Touching the Sky, he thinks that some of the Falmer have started to regain the intelligence that they once had as the Snow Elves.  And he's made a few contacts among the Falmer of Ibn or Blackreach.   (I prefer Ibn due to population density and has built in factions) 


The clues gathered go all the way back towards reversing the condition of the Falmer back to the Snow Elves they once were.  However it requires some very personal sacrifices by both Gelebor and the PC.  Which *gasp* involves magic, sex and pregnancy.  Essentially Gelebor needs to imbue the PC with the "genes" of pure Snow Elves and he's the only one who can provide it.  Don't laugh.  It's a sacrifice for him and you - both of you.   Essentially, when you are impregnated by a Falmer or Gelebor, any offspring you have by them will take on the Snow Elf characteristics.   However the magic is Dwemer in origin..and you have to go look for the books and machines necessary to pull it off.  Basically you and Gelebor get into the machine, make whoopee, he passes on the Snow Elf genes although you'll still be the same race you were before.  You're essentially the carrier/breeder of Snow Elves. And you need Falmer to knock you up.  That's where Gelebor's contacts in Ibn/Blackreach come in.   As if there wasn't enough complications....the only person who knows how to recreate such a machine for you and Gelebor is Yagrum Bagarn.


Yup, the gross obesity sitting atop a half of a Dwemer machine and suffering from Corpus disease and last seen in the Corpusarium.  Except that due to the advancement of the disease, he's had to Dwemer-machine himself even more since the events of previous Elder Scrolls games.  He's  in a word....an visual obscenity.   And you're visiting him. 


Yagum agrees to build the machine to help you and Gelebor.  There is a price however.  He wants to bring back the Dwemer.  And you're the hottest woman imaginable in Skyrim.  He wants to "test" run the machine with YOU and breed a new Dwemer.  Revolting? That's not all.  Part of his self "engineering" was to "cyborgize" his penis to give him tactile sensations of copulating with you in the process of impregnating you.   You can refuse and Gelebor is appalled at Yagum's "price"     However, Yagum arranges to have you captured and brought back and he performs the "test run" with you.  And he takes his good time with you..it's literally been centuries since he banged anyone, much less a hot woman like you.  So he's going to drag it out as long as he can. 


Part of the Dwemer magical "gene" machine is accelerated pregnancy. 


Eventually you manage to escape Yagum's sick clutches after delivering the first Dwemer child in literally millenia and flee back to Gelebor with the "gene therapy" machine and you and Gelebor enter it and you're finally imbued with the Snow Elf essence.  At this point, Gelebor introduces you to a Falmer (in either Ibn or Blackreach)  You'd serve as his personal slave or servant (this is where THings in the Dark potentially comes in) And in the process you'll mate with him and other Falmer to re-introduce Snow Elf characteristics among the Falmer. 


However..there's quite a number of Falmer factions who don't care for that. Namely Chaur-Tegoth...among others.  And you'll have to keep a truly low profile in Blackreach and/or Ibn to avoid Chaur Tegoth's adherents who might not take kindly to what you're doing. Or worse yet...pervert your "breeding program"


Naturally, it's Yagum who tips off the less appreciative Falmer.  He wants his "breeder" back - you so he can continue to propagate the Dwemer race.  *Shudder, I know..* even if it means locking you into a Dwemer style breeding cage/attachment to what's left of Yagrum.    He promises the Falmer that he can breed a stronger, even more monstrous race of Falmer if they bring you back to him. (I know...are the Falmer doomed to repeat history ALL OVER AGAIN?!!)   Yup, Yagrum wants to repeat what happened to the original Falmer by enslaving ALL of them with his "superior" breeding program.   So they capture and deliver you back to Yagrum.  It's that infernal breeding cage for you with Yagrum all over again. And this time it's not a test run.   Gelebor gets wind of it and gathers his Falmer allies and friends/contacts you've made in Ibn/Blackreach.  The stage's set for all out war deep under the earth in the Dwemer ruins. It's for two completely different kinds of salvation for the Falmer.    Yagrum makes you an offer - Join him and he'll give you tremendous power among HIS Falmer and be his mate.    At this point you can accept or reject his offer. 


At this point the mod would split into a good/bad juncture.  It'd depend on your morality.    


Side with Gelebor and try to ensure the Falmer eventually return to their original Snow Elf characteristics with you popping out proto-Snow Elf after Snow Elf among the Falmer who sided with Gelebor in Ibn/Blackreach.  Congrats. You saved Skyrim from alot of BAD shit coming from Yagrum's machinations. 




Side with Yagrum.  And ensure that his Falmer allies along with Chaur-Tegoth truimph over Gelebor and his Falmer allies.  Of course, Yagrum promptly sells out every Falmer into slavery with your Dwemer bred children being their masters in the coming centuries.   And Yagrum cut Chaur-Tegoth into the deal..he's promised that YOU will carry chaurus offspring too!  All of Skyrim is gonna hate you with every fiber of their collective being once they get a load of the "new and improved Falmer" that Yagrum is introducing with you being the prime breeder.  (he's branching out to pick out the prettiest women in all of Skyrim to expand his "Dwemer and Super Falmer" breeding program.   


Radiant quests:


Yagrum:  Kidnapping women for his *cough* harem.   Killing off the Falmer who didn't support Yagrum.  Help Chaur-Tegoth suborn other Falmer that haven't fallen in line yet. Probably with your personal charms. 


Gelebor:  Pop out more proto-Snow Elves with him or friendly Falmer.  Hunt down and kill Yagrum's servant and stop his kidnapping of women. 



PS:  Oh, and the fact that you have Dragonborn blood was no small factor in Yagrum wanting you for his nefarious ends.  In fact that's what makes it possible to bring back the Snow Elves if you took the good path and the "Super Falmer" if you took the evil path.   And that's the reason/inducement he'd offer you up to Chaur-Tegoth for breeding purposes. Since the creature is so huge that the physical act would probably kill you, he's offered to build a very special Dwemer machine for Chaur through which Chaur can bang you...






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hmm... while the idea of my girl dragonborn becoming a carrier and uniting with Gelebor to restore the snow elves is awesome the idea of having no choice but to sleep with Yagrum is gross! 


maybe if they make the Yagrum part of the story optional? then again I suppose his nastiness is the point? 

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The choice is pretty much either Yagrum or Gelebor for the poor girl.    Yagrum pretty much kidnaps you, but Gelebor and his allies would rescue you.  At that point that's when Yagrum makes his offer marking the point where you choose between the two of them.   You refuse the offer, Gelebor spirits you out.  You accept his offer, Gelebor flees, presumably VERY disgusted with your PC. 

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