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dark world JPN bastardy mod (and assorted garbage)


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'Updated' for DW 1.58 (literally just have to change the number in dark world bastards.mod)


Jus Primae Noctae is (fictional) law that grants the lord the right to sleep with any woman who gets married in his realm.  Dark world allows you pass this law if you meet the requirements.


This mod does 2 things.
It overrides a single event from Dark World Reborn in order to allow the event to fire.

Secondly it modifies a few of the vanilla bastardy events to prevent women violated as a result of the law being labelled unfaithful.  With this mod any child conceived as a result of JPN will always go undetected.  (spymaster or characters with the intrigue focus may discover it later - I haven't modified those events.)


It's very basic - I didn't create custom dialog or anything.


I might at some point do more with it myself, but no promises.


Feel free to integrate any part of this into other mods. (it does modify vanilla events though, so compatibility beware)  Or make a better and more thorough mod for that matter.




(DW buildings for 1.57 - not updated)



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In response to some discussion in the main DW thread I decided to clean up and release the other small submod I use.


Normally buildings in DW provide escalating bonuses.  The first tier may pay .5 income, the second .75, and the last 1.0. (total of 2.25)

This mod changes it so that the total bonus is equal to what the final tier normally gives. (so .5 + .25 + .25 = total of 1.0)


Nomad buildings are unaffected.  (they, for the most part, seem not to have the escalating bonuses - and give really small returns as it is)


BE stands for brothel edition.  This is what I use, it further tunes down the morale to armies for bordellos.


This is really easy to mod, feel free!


edit (1/3/2018): I left the leading zeros off some of the tax values, apparently that doesn't work correctly.  I uploaded fixed versions.

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I had perfectly cromulent reasons.


Do I use the name from the other mod in the dependency clause?  I'm guessing so but the wiki doesn't make this absolutely explicit.


dependencies = {"Dark World Reborn v1.57"}


(I appreciate the feedback)

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Yes, you use the mod name as it is listed in the .mod file, or as it shows up in the mod list. That format would be correct. Although keep in mind the dependency chain will break immediately should there be an updated version of DWR that has even a slightly different name (like Dark World Reborn 1.57.1). So using alphabetical sorting is generally the safer option.

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