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  1. If it's the slimegirl or dragonian mod, it's probably that and not RJW; the author likes to use dynamic bodies (they change "body types" under certain circumstances like pregnancy or inflation). Slimegirl especially has never been given any fix patches so it's a known issue. If it's not one of those races, then it might be a different bug entirely.
  2. STDs can't be properly simulated like that in RJW. The AI has no system for detection, prevention, and avoidance of STDs, so a planet would inevitably reach 100% infection over a long enough period. Not to mention the diseases themselves don't even work properly as diseases in the first place. It would have to be recreated from scratch if you want a realistic disease system, which is a huge effort. I hope you'll keep the bondage stuff around in RJWEx at least. With the Simple Slavery mod still broken, the BDSM gear has a lot of auxiliary utility as a method of prisoner management, making it pretty useful even outside of RJW's scope.
  3. I'm not sure if you are aware (admittedly I wasnt, for months after first trying RJW) that there's an add-on section in the opening post listing a bunch of mods which add content. RJWEx adds anal plugs and sex machines, Licentia Labs adds transformation serums, and you can always just use that bondage mod I linked in my previous post if you want to setup a sex arcade thing.
  4. You've asked him to reconsider, but still haven't really elaborated on what you mean by sex arcades. So he may be imagining a far larger project than you're imagining if you think it's not a big deal, so try and explain it. It sounds like you're talking about some sort of brothel but with... immobilized prisoners? How would it differ from, say, just an immobilized comfort prisoner? Or just setting up your own by immobilizing them with bondage gear or the bondage mod? If you want him to do something, you have to be specific and detail what it is you want. What elements does the sex arcade need, and what does it add that's worth the time/effort of coding it (given a similar system, brothels, already exists)? I just did a quick test; for some reason the option to rape doesn't even appear in the right-click context menu of downed enemy pawns. Even with the proper settings enabled and the pawn having the correct junk. That would explain the lack of raping; it's been disabled, at least between certain pawns types. (As a side note, the only time I see bugs rape now is purely for procreation; a single rape until the pawn gives birth, instead of a giant gangbang swarm like in older versions. Good to see the Hive has taken up good, clean Christian values of only monogamous procreating for practical reproduction.)
  5. Not sure if you're experiencing the same thing as me, but I noticed that since I picked up the post-1.1 RJW that combat rapes were no longer a thing. In tens of hours of gameplay this version I've noticed: 1. I have not seen a single combat rape (rape using downed members of another faction) 2. I have not seen a single rape occur by pawns that go on a "random rape" mental break (they just wander around doing nothing really) 3. The comfort prisoner mechanics still seem to work fine (colonists or prisoners will still get raped), and pawns will still occasionally just rape a random other pawn if sex need gets too low. Naturally I double and triple checked my mod settings to be sure all the obviously relevant options were properly set.
  6. So no one else is having issues with combat rapes no longer existing in their games? Hmm, weird. I'll have to tinker with the non-obvious settings to see if one of them isn't accidentally preventing them. (As a side note, I think the last update breaks the RJW animations add-ons, or at least it did in my game. So delay updating if you use that mod or just disable the animation mod) There already is some limited integration with Rimworld of Magic; the Succubus class can restore about 25% rest each time they perform an act that results in them taking in cum (colonists and animals alike). Plus they get a vitality buff (and the other party a debuff) any time they have sex with a pawn (colonists, not animals). So yes, it is entirely possible for you to do something like that.
  7. Oh, you should have clarified you meant a specific mod. There are several different mods that allow effective immortality (age reduction), so I thought you meant one of those. In fact, there are even multiple mods with "Immortal" in the name. So, I mean, unless you expect him to research and create patches for all of them at once or pick one at random, you should really clarify which one you mean.
  8. I've noticed that folks no longer seem to use downed pawns, unlike the version I played a few months back. Was that functionality removed/broken with the 1.1 overhaul, or is it an issue in my game because I accidentally toggled something off in the settings? I've noticed that the female/male age fertility slider caps out at about 250 years, but a lot of mods with longlived aliens have their lifespans in the thousands, so the slider is too small to be adjusted for that. I think just using the type slider that female animals have for fertility (their slider is % of max life expectancy, rather than a flat 0-250yr scale) would work better with all possible types of pawns.
  9. I had a similar issue, which in my case what the "Nymph wanders in" event apparently spawning a pawn with a dragoninan race/background (but normal human appearance) by mistake. If it is an issue unique to the nymph events, and this mod doesn't modify that event, it's likely a bug with RJW itself.
  10. I noticed how the tooltip for whoring didn't really give any detail about how pricing works, so I pulled up the source code and took a look. After looking at it, I have some suggestions: - The price value for beauty is currently based on the degree of the level of beauty trait, but wouldn't it make much more sense to be based on the beauty value? This will make it fully functional with the vanilla beauty traits (which grant the beauty value +2, +1, -1, -2) -- but also make calculations compatible with all other mods that have traits that effect beauty. Plus other sources like clothing worn, disfigurements from injuries, etc. - Likewise rather than merely using the presence of global work speed traits (industrious, etc) as a modifier of value, why not use the global work speed variable itself (Or maybe come combination of movement speed and manipulation?) Again, this would make the price modification not just compatible with traits vanilla, but all other possible mods and their respective traits, drugs, etc. - Finally, sexuality traits and the age curve could both be replaced by the "sex drive" attribute. Since both age and prudish-type traits reduce it, while sexual traits increase it, there's a perfect overlap. And it would help account for the presence of performance-enhancing aphrodisiacs.
  11. I think I found the cause of the problem: the RJW body cum stain mechanic. This mod appears to use its own system to track stains separate from RJW's in-built one. When I disabled RJW's system, the problem seems to have disappeared. EDIT: Nevermind, that wasn't it. Or it wasn't the only cause, at least.
  12. rebeca76's mods use dynamic body shape, meaning they swap bodies types under certain conditions (in this mod's case, when pregnant or when covered in cum). Unfortunately, this body-change mechanic can be a bit buggy, or perhaps, can conflict with other mods. So the indirect cause of that is the body-swapping mechanic not working properly. To fix it manually without editing the mod itself, download the character editor mod, which does exactly what it says. To avoid it happening in the future, well, avoid getting it egged, and give it a infertility modifier so it can't have normal pregnancies either. As well as disable cum on body effects.
  13. With Stellaris having a big performance overhaul in the Federations patch, this mod's game slowdown may become even more severe in comparison. I was one of the guys that helped with MASSA (and/or its predecessor), so I've been picking through the mod's code to see what changed. Something things I've noticed that could be improved: - The job weight issue I mentioned before (no bias towards jobs already working, to prevent constant pop churning - Running a modifier update any time a pop does anything. Born, died, moved, immigrated, emmigrated, resettled, etc. This causes a massive amount of lag -- more than any other mod I've ever seen; we're talking 5-15 seconds of game freeze each update -- in large games, since checks become exponentially larger the more pops there are in the universe. (I modified my game to only check once every five years, but even just one a year would be a major improvement) - The excessive trait picks (and trait points) causes massive species fragmentation; I've seen the number of species get higher than the number of stars in the game's galaxy. The AI either needs to be gatelocked from accessing trait picks/points, and/or most of the traits need to be restricted using the relevant tags (initial = yes modification = no randomized = no). Or alternatively, revert trait picks/points to vanilla numbers and make them 0-trait picks that can only be used at species creation. - The monogender planetary decision and it's constantly-running checks to remove/add traits (and the resulting memory usage) should be removed. There's already a perfectly usable set of traits (all female/male/futa) that does the exact same thing without needing to slow down the game and clutter up the decisions list. - Overwriting of major core game files will cause conflict with most other mods. For example, the "Divine Coupling" civic requires overwriting the base game's temple building to add concubine job slots. I would have instead added them via a planet deposit so that base game files (or another mod's files) wouldn't need to be overwritten. Or maybe an alternative set of buildings that the Divine Coupling users get instead of normal temples. Other stuff like ethics are another core gameplay file that should never be overwritten unless vitally necessary.
  14. I found it! I found the answer. So, for those unaware, jobs normally have weights to determine how likely a pop is to take a job. So smart pops are more likely to take scientist jobs, charismatic pops more likely to take amenities jobs, etc. Nothing new here. But it turns out they also normally have a massive weight checking if they already have that job (so anyone already working at a job has 500% more weight than anyone not employed there). Which prevents the constant pop churning issue. The author of LV apparently forgot or did not know about that, so left it out. So basically that's why the constant problem of pops leaving and rejoining jobs. All the jobs need a massive weight added along the lines of: modifier = { factor = [weight number goes here] has_job = [job name goes here] } The default value for weight factor is about 5 or so. But the LV author's made it so that slaves/servants have a weight factor of 10 for some jobs, which might screw up or override the default values. So that may have to be decreased, or the weight factor for already having the jobs increased beyond the default of 5.
  15. In any case, I can't crack the mystery. For some reason Lustful Void jobs constantly have pops rotate in an out on a daily basis, unlike vanilla jobs where pops sit still once working, unless fired or circumstances forces them to quit. I've tried to figure out what's causing this constant churning of pops (and likely the relevant memory it gobbles up) in LV, but it's beyond my technical knowledge. If a more veteran modder can figure out how to get LV pops to sit still and do their jobs like they do with vanilla Stellaris jobs, they very well may have solved the largest outstanding issue with this mod. Until then, we'll just have to minimize the in-game use of LV-related jobs to reduce the memory footprint it causes.
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