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Recently I attempted to teach myself to create mesh for sims, along with textures and all of that. Sadly, it seems I really am no good at it. I've been practicing for months on end with very little progress being done.

My one friend that does know how to model and work around with this kind of thing is far too busy for me to ask her to help me, either way I can't stay still or in focus long enough to listen or watch tutorials. 

I was curious, I've looked on all the sites I can think of but never seem to come across exactly what I'm looking for.


So, I was wondering has anyone came across any possibly non clay/typical sims style outfits of this sort? (Oh, and also the hat---) 

I've tried everything to find and/or make them myself, but I am having little luck with any of it. If anyone knows where they may have seen these before, or is willing to make them, I'd be extremely thankful. It's been two years since I've been looking for this particular kind of outfit for my male sim. :confounded:











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