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my steward doesn't stay at home


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Hi, I would like to know if there's a way to prevent my steward to leave home. i have Aela as my steward, one day she disapeared, I've bring her back with the console comand, but she says hi and then tell me she will be at home and leave the manor lake. 
Anyone knows how can I keep her at home?

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hmm i had not sen this one in quite a while now


what is happening is Aela is going home... her home (Jorrvaskr) ... even though she (or anyone else you use)  is a steward it does not automatically change

their default home location.  to fix this problem is not hard... just use a mod that lets you change someones default location (i use My Home is Your Home myself,

but that one only works if they are actively following you when used).  i think most follower mods have this option in them.


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Something changed in the faction or home information, possibly you did a companion quest or whatever, aela quests can break other faction information sometimes.

This is how to dismiss a steward ...  http://elderscrolls.wikia.com/wiki/Steward_(Hearthfire)


Once you remove the npc from steward faction you should be able to grab another follower or even the same one and they will either approach about the steward job when they are at the house with you or you should see a dialogue show up to hire them. It may not work right away and you should probably make a clean save after dismissing the steward before bringing them back as a follower again.

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