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Derkeethus head and body mismatched colors


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So I have an... irritating problem. As you can see, Derkeethus' body does not match the color of his head. It cropped up after I installed an Argonian body texture replacer(FAR) to try and make him sexier, but I decided to uninstall that the moment I saw Derkeethus' discoloration when I spawned him in with console commands (I spawned him in every time. All of my saves except for one mentioned below did not have Derkeethus already loaded in the cell). I did have to manually install FAR, but I backed up the Argonian textures that were there before so when I removed FAR I just replaced the FAR files with the originals so I don't THINK I did that wrong.


When I loaded the game back up everything was fine as far as I remember (it is possible I simply overlooked it but I don't think that's the case). I then used the setnpcweight command to give that lizard some goddamn meat on his bones (for a miner he's stupidly skinny) and saved. When I loaded the save back up the next day his head wasn't fully aligned to his body so I went back to a prior save and while his head was now on correctly he was discolored. I loaded several other saves and he has this problem in all of them, even ones from ages ago. I would like to note that he's the only character that has this problem. All of the other Argonians are fine.


There is one other thing I would like to note: before I learned of the command to change an npc's weight, I tried using the Alternate Actors mod to do so. It didn't work, causing the same head-not-lining up effect I mentioned earlier the moment I switched back to my PC. I then proceeded to uninstall and load a prior save like usual.


I also checked Derkeethus out in the CK and he has no issue there.


I don't understand what's going on. Did I screw up somehow?


I've attached my load order to see if that's the issue but I don't think it is.



Edit: Looking back in the game there is a notable seam on the necks of all Argonians, which tells me that there may indeed be something wrong with the Argonian textures.

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