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[Request] Very simple sexlab trigger

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Hi. Could anyone make a mod where I can go and talk to M'Rissi (she's a custom follower) to initiate sex ?

(Soft animations when married and aggressive ones when on the slave path, maybe not available with kinship path ?)

Also maybe reuse some of her lines for immersion ? I don't really want to use matchmaker

Thanks ! 

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Thanks for the answer, unfortunately, i think solutions only provide ways to end vanilla quests with sex instead of other options, which is not what I need right now. Lover's comfort is for vanilla spouses, isn't it ? M'rissi is a custom follower with a custom marriage (as in, not vanilla marriage quest), also, i don't want the extra functionalities.


M'rissi has an option, when married, to ask her to undress, when telling her to change her outfit. She'll only accept at home though, and refuse anywhere else.

So I thought, with that in mind, using bits of her custom dialogue (she has a custom voice), and in regards with the fact that she'll only undress at home, maybe someone could add an option to propose her some sex (while being at home, where she'll agree to undress).


EDIT : Also, i don't want a mod that'll enable sex for anyone except my character and M'rissi. If that wasn't clear enough.

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