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Dragons - LOD mesh sometimes sticks?


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Dragons sometimes keep displaying their LOD mesh, on top of their real mesh. Probably no need for screenshots.


Currently i have Bellyaches HD Dragon Replacer and Deadly Dragons installed. Any way to fix this issue permanently?

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Deadly Dragons seems to have its own textures, no conflicts visible. Either way Bellyaches is loaded before DD as well.


Load order and mod order in MO is the same as you posted, plus Bethesda Hi-Res DLC Optimised.



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21 hours ago, RW311 said:



This fixes lod problems for vanilla dragon, you may have to make the same edits for deadly dragons.

If you don't want to d/l that it's a simple fix, go to the npc folder using tesedit, on each dragon look for far away player model and change that to 0.

Haven't tested yet (would be difficult because the bug is very random) but this seems to be exactly the fix. Thanks.


No idea why i didn't search for "Dragon LOD", guessed that this would be a different problem with memory or mod incompatibility ;-)




Edit: A yeah, not only that the mod is incompatible with Deadly Dragons; in fact DD also adds LOD models to vanilla dragons that don't have one by default. So DD is making the problem even worse than vanilla.


Not all dragons are edited by DD, so you need NDLOD loaded before DD, and then make the same edits to all dragons in DD.



Edit#2: check for overrides of USKP / USLEEP; get the Deadly Dragons Script Patch as well if you use DD (!)

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