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Armor replacers


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Does anybody know any female armor replacers that show boobs and genitals, but still protect other bodyparts ? Kinda like the one below. ( I hope its below, my first time posting, not sure if this will showup like I want to)





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12 hours ago, oldrayzor said:

Nisetnaka armors are segregated pieces so you can simply ignore the bikini and thongs. You can find the each armor set independently as well. If you're not familiar with them, check the links on nexus. Search bikini armor. (i.e. wolf bikini)

Thank you. 

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1 hour ago, oldrayzor said:

You're welcome, though I just realized you're looking for replacement armor and these are standalone so doubt it was much help.

Yea I was looking for replacers. But I realised that I just want followers to wear those armors. So standalone is actually better anyways.

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